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2022.01.17 00:37 throwwawwywywy Hello for people living in California. Does the VA consider Domestic Partnership as marrirage and pay dependent rate for it?

Please let me know
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The game is so heavily rigged, you can blatantly see when the game wants the other player to score, your defenders also won’t tackle, got to div 5 and everyone scores either at 45 min or 90 min, not playing this shit anymore
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2022.01.17 00:37 Fauxdiophile Will anything bad happen if I just don't reapply for benefits?

I was on PUA for a while until the benefits ended and I went back to work again. The place closed down permanently, but at the same time I don't want to reapply for benefits because when I do I will have to show that I was looking for work, when in reality right now I just don't want to work at the moment. I realize many people won't have this luxury as they might not live with their families but for me it's something I can easily choose to do if I want. All i'm wondering is, will anything significantly bad happen if I don't reapply? EDD has been telling me that I may need to reapply for benefits since around late November but i've just ignored it, again, because I just don't feel like going back to work at this time.
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Hey friends,
I am trying to find productive ways to journal that keep me aligned with my goals. What pre-made planners and/or journals do you recommend to keep yourself on track?
Please provide reasons why or why not you like certain journals/planners over others.
Thanks so much
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2022.01.17 00:37 fifiwithcrohns Bloated and distended belly

For the last four days or so I’ve been having a ton of bloating and distention that doesn’t seem to be going down at all. I’m on remicade and have been deemed almost in remission as of last year so I’m confused. I can barely go to the bathroom all of a sudden, only once a day and it seems incomplete. It’s as if my bowels stopped working or moving. It’s very uncomfortable because it’s not my usual stomach issues. Anyone else experienced this, and what have you done or would you do?
My diet I’ve altered to more broths and softer foods but I should probably limit even more.
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2022.01.17 00:37 sixfiguresteve12 I'm a man in my 40s, living an affluent suburban lifestyle, and I've just recently discovered that I really like Insane Clown Posse.

I was listening to something else while walking my dog a few weeks ago, and youtube decided to throw "Hocus Pocus" by ICP into the mix. I listened to it and, to my surprise, I enjoyed it. I'd never heard a single ICP song before. Since that day, I've listened to almost all of their songs that I can find on youtube, and I feel like I missed out on them. I believe they were much more popular back when I was in my 20s, but I just ignored them then. Had I given them a chance back then, I'd probably have become a huge fan; huge enough to go to their concerts.
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2022.01.17 00:37 WizardyJohnny Social Link In Review #3: Rise Kujikawa

Vote for next time's character here
Episode 1 - Yosuke
Episode 2 - Chie
Hey everyone, welcome back, with only SLIGHT tardiness, to Social Link In Review, the every-once-in-a-while series of posts in which we delve into the Social Links of Persona 4 and complain about how all the romances are bad. Today's character is Rise Kujikawa, from the Lovers Arcana. Rise's a cheerful girl who acts as this game's mission control, following in Fuuka's footsteps. Unlike her predecessor, she's popular, sociable and upbeat. She's a former idol, having quit the industry a short while before the beginning of the game due to burnout. Her grandma tends to the tofu shop in the Shopping District. Let's dive into her Social Link without further ado.  

Rank 1 (Happens automatically on 7/23) 
Now used to school, Rise wants to see the sights around town, and she enlists Yu as a bodyguard of sorts in case she gets recognized. They go off to pester Teddie.
We know the drill by now, forced Rank 1 means very little of interest. Most of Rise's dungeon, Social Link and character in general revolves around her identity as an idol and this is the first - tenuous - glimpse we get of how it causes problems for her. More on that later, of course.
As the Lovers Arcana representative, Rise is unambiguously interested in the protagonist no matter whether you choose to follow her SL or not. Notably, her lovers/friends routes is the most divergent of any romantic candidate, and much of her character outside her SL is defined by this singular trait. More on that later also. Rise and Teddie have a fun dynamic as the more childish duo of the crew which is hinted at quickly here.
Rank 2 
Yu and Rise eat at Souzai Daigaku on her request. She says she's been wanting to come here for a long time, but was afraid to show up alone, and ordering takeout doesn't offer the same experience. She explains her parents were pretty strict, and she didn't really have friends, since she did not go to school often. She quickly changes the topic to something less "depressing", and exclaims she's glad to have to Inaba and met Yu. She teases him, asking him "a barrage of questions" about the type of girls he likes.
An interesting though short bit of exposition on Rise's background before she became an idol. Her strict upbringing adds onto the idea that she missed out on many key experiences growing up, just like her idol work prevented her from doing normal teen things. I don't feel like it is a particularly crucial detail however; her parents aren't brought up again in later scenes. Rise's frequent absence from school is sibylline. Later down the line, she mentions that she used to be bullied frequently before she became an idol, which I assume we are meant to understand was the cause of her missing school. How bad was this bullying for this to be the case?
Rank 3 
Rise takes Yu to Okina for some swimwear shopping. A quick interrogation about where Kanji even buys his delinquent-styled clothing is interrupted by Suspicious Guy, who asks Rise if she is Risette. She declines and quickly exits the premises, though she's approached on numerous more occasions. Rise is frustrated, but proud that she told them she is "no longer Risette". She explains that even though Inaba sometimes gets on her nerves, and she might prefer to live in a city full of strangers, she still loves her city: "You're there, Grandma's there... And above all, there's something I can do there".
This rank 3 re-introduces us to the character arc that was started in Rise's dungeon; she is exhausted of having to keep up the Risette persona constantly and wants to experience being an "ordinary girl" who does normal things, as we saw in rank 2. Denying any relation to the idol marks an important step in her efforts to reclaim her life for herself. This point is immediately nuanced by some not-so-subtle clues that Rise is not entirely content with her decision to quit showbiz. Note the punctuation in "And it's true... I'm no longer Risette... I'm just an ordinary girl" - that's a whole lotta dots for what should be an unambiguously happy moment for her. She's staring at the ground as she says this, betraying her lack of confidence in her own claims. But she puts on a smile and shoves the depressing talk aside again - just like she did when she was an idol.
Her comment about Kanji is one of those rare but cute bits of team building that I wish we got more of.
Rank 4 
On the way home from Aiya's, Rise spots a supicious man in front of her house. Although Yu proposes to run, she approaches the man and recognizes her former manager, Inoue. He explains he couldn't accept her decision to leave the idol business. Angered, Rise threatens to call the police. He urges her to think it over, explaining that to him no other actress is better suited for an upcoming role she was supposed to play, and that her fans were looking forward to seeing her act. Rise reiterates she's got nothing to do with showbiz anymore, and that she never intends to come back to the industry, claiming out of desperation she'll marry Yu after high school. He goes along with it, and Inoue leaves. A crestfallen Rise explains Inoue treated her like family - "but he's a stranger now". She thanks Yu for his maturity and jokes she might depend on him even more in the future.
I'm not totally sure what the point of this scene is, besides of course needing to introduce Inoue, whose most noteworthy trait is that he's actually very sweet with the idols he manages. Rise angers quickly and can't look Inoue in the face, which are clear indications she's putting on a brave face and that she actually regrets her decision to leave the idol business, but as we saw above this is a paper thin facade. We get some other restatements of things that were established already, notably that her private time "doesn't belong to a manager anymore".
The marriage bit is right off the shelf of Rise's own brand of uncomfortable anime tropisms. Specifically, a rather large portion of her character is dedicated to be arm candy for the self-insert MC, in the delightfully sexist way the blandest of low brow anime protagonists can't go 10 meters without girls throwing themselves at them. I think this is immensely damageable to Rise's character, but I'll talk about it more later on.
Rank 5 
At the hill overlooking town, a pensive Rise explains she used to come there often to find herself. She explains she feels like she's been able to relax since she came to Inaba, hanging out with her friends, playing with the cat, living with her supportive and easy-going Grandma, whereas at home she had to be "on her best behaviour" around her parents. She recounts her Grandma comparing her to tofu: weak and fragile in appearance, but resilient, and good with any recipe or flavor - "I'm nothing like that". Opening up further, she admits she used to be bullied, awkward and lonely at school, but did not mind it, and she only took the opportunity to become an idol to get a chance to change herself and make friends. While she did stop getting bullied, people were only interested in Risette, and not Rise. She concludes none of this matters anymore, since now she has friends who know the real her.
First couple of lines restate what we know about Rise's home environment being stressful, and that Inaba is a place where she feels she can relax. The tofu comparison strikes me as something that should be meaningful but I am very hard-pressed to find anything to say about it. Paraphrasing, Rise's grandma says that even though she looks fragile, she's actually pretty strong, and that she is both unique and works well with others. Which, uh, sure? I'm not really sure how this relates to the rest of what we know about Rise. She's unique in the same way everyone else is, and she doesn't stand out as more of a team player than others in the IT. Maybe it refers to her support role?
It's interesting to learn that Rise used to be lonely and bullied at school, and this detail is important to justify Rise's belief that she's constantly running away from herself, but it is kinda hard to believe considering how easily social interaction comes to her now. I'm skeptical that such a fundamental character trait can be completely erased, and I think it would've been cool to see hints of awkwardness resurface here and there in this SL to help sell this idea better.
The end of the SL is, again, a repeat of what we know; she feels like the Rise that people want to talk to is Risette and not her true self. A very interesting detail is that she also thinks this is the case for Yu, and by proxy the rest of the Investigation Team. This is hard to deny considering Yosuke at the very least initially showed interest in her solely because of her idol self. It shows the depth to which her relationships with others have been poisoned; even her truest of friends she imagines only like her because she's a former idol. Very depressing. Sadly, this won't really get mentioned again.
Rank 6 
Back from Okina with Rise, Yu is hailed by her manager, Inoue, who gives him a letter from one of her fans whose fanmail she looked forward to. He criticizes the idol industry, which saps performers utterly dry and robs them of any time for themselves, but adds that he nonetheless wishes for Rise to come back. He sees Rise as a genuinely brilliant artist who was "strong enough to use her pain as a foundation". Noticing him, Rise angers again, and Inoue runs off, though this time Yu takes his defense, shocking Rise. She explains the letter comes from a middle school girl who Risette inspired to stand up to her bullies, and that she often read them as a source of motivation. Crestfallen, she realizes her departure disappointed a large number of people, but she shrugs it off, mentioning marriage again.
I'll skip stuff that we've seen before and focus on the fan letter. It is significant because it is the proof that Risette, in spite of her artificiality, was nonetheless meaningful, because fans and members of the public could use her as a source of inspiration and motivation. The middle school girl who wrote the letter is a clear parallel to Rise before she became an idol, since she herself is alienated by her classmates, making Rise's positive impact on her all the more personally relevant. Narratively, the point of this scene is to expand on precisely why Rise regrets quitting the idol industry, something that hasn't really been touched on in ranks 1 through 5.
The marriage proposal is notable in that it is usually Yu who makes advances on the girls in SLs. As I said for Chie's romance though, love is a 2 way street, and it is nigh impossible to write it convingly when one of the parties is silent, so Rise's obsession with the protag feels like unashamed pandering to me.
Rank 7 
At Okina, Rise notices poster of Kanamin, the girl who replaced her within her agency. She overhears a conversation about her from teenagers passing by. They praise Kanami for being "plain, and honest", unlike the fake Risette. Annoyed, Rise yells that everything about Kanamin is just an act as well, and frustrated, resolves to go home. At Samegawa, Rise asks if Yu is happy to have an ex-idol as an underclassman: "that doesn't matter", he answers. Rise asks again, this time to Nanako, who happens to be passing by. She answers she knows Kanami, but prefers Rise, and gets confused when the ex-idol attempts to make a distinction between her stage persona and real self. Nanako runs off, and Rise reaffirms that she only cares about being useful to the people who know the real her.
This rank shows that Rise's status as a popular idol is something she derived a lot of self-worth from, and although she claims Risette does not exist anymore, she's nonetheless irritated to hear ignorant criticism from people who don't understand that all of showbiz is fake. In return she seeks reassurance from Yu and Nanako; she wants to make sure that she is still cute, still charismatic, still desirable. She struggles to reconcile her awareness of the fact that idols are ultimately phony and replaceable with the pride that she had in her work. It's an interesting new aspect which explains why she regrets quitting the industry so much.
This is one my favorite ranks involving Nanako because her naiveté is exactly what Rise needs to hear. She's too young to get the distinction Rise is trying to make between the "me over here" and Risette; she sees Rise on the TV screen and Rise at home and she likes both of them equally without wondering which is fake and which is real. This is the resolution the SL builds up to that Rise will come to realize on her own in rank 9.
Rank 8 
At Daigaku, Rise and Yu happen onto the deputy mayor, who boasts that Kanamin will soon be filming in the area and trails off about preparations to accomodate her and the film crew. He skedaddles, but Inoue shows up immediately. The manager asks Rise, one last time, if she is certain about wanting to quit showbiz: "I... I'm not going back". Satisfied, he explains he's now Kanamin's manager, and that he's going to "sell Kanami", making her even more popular than Risette. Nonetheless, he adds that Kanami's just an ordinary girl who will need to be polished, while Rise had incredible talent and "could have reached heights most girls could never dream of". He runs off, and Rise breaks down crying. Lost, scared and confused as to why she's even sad, Rise begs Yu to stay by her side, where he can either hug her for the romance route, or stand awkwardly for friendship route.
There is not much for me to comment on in this scene, it's pretty straightforward. All of the little plot elements which've been gnawing away at Rise's confidence in her decision to quit being an idol come together at once: her jealousy of Kanamin, her hurt pride at being replaced as if she had no worth, the fact that she will disappoint her fans by not starring in her upcoming movie. And on top of that, Inoue decides this is the perfect moment to tell her she could've gone "further than anyone else". I'm guessing the idea is to justify that she only breaks down now; while she could handle the pressure from each of these things separately, all of them at once is a little too much.
I kinda dislike how cold Yu is to Rise in the friends route. She really, really needs a hug in this scene...
Rank 9 
Yu and Rise meet up at the hill overlooking town at her request. She asks him if he knows why she felt so angry hearing about Kanami: "Risette is Rise too". Rise nods ("You knew all along, huh?") and explains that she's been running away from herself: first, from her gloomy self when she was a child, then from her idol self, and she would've ran away from the homicide detective self (friends route) / high school girl self (lovers route) if she hadn't grown. She resolves to hang in there, "as the complete me". She blushes, blurts that she wishes time would stop, and goes home.
Again, this scene is very explicit in laying out its themes to the player, so I don't think much analysis is necessary. Yu puts it quite concisely and eloquently: Risette is Rise too, and even though this part of Rise's life came with its fair share of stress and worries, it still brought her pride and purpose, and she can't cut it off completely like a gangrened limb without feeling any regret. Buuuut this kinda shows a pretty big issue that some of the party Social Links have. Namely, if we rewind back to Rise's dungeon inside the Midnight Channel, she has these words to say to her shadow self after the battle: "There is no real me. It just doesn't exist. You... Me... Even Risette... They were all born from me. All of them are... me". So between then and the beginning of her SL, all of that development has kinda been dropped. I think as a standalone exploration of Rise's identity issues, the SL itself is more fleshed out and believable compared to the treatment of that arc that ends after Shadow Rise is defeated. The writers clearly realized that just the dungeon is not enough to properly convey Rise's arc to the player, but it's unfortunate that the solution they found was to repeat it in the SL.
Outside of that, I don't really get what Rise is on about with running away from all her "selves". The fuck does she mean she would've run away from the homicide detective self?? Would she just have been like "nah myb u guys take care of Izanami on ur own bye XOXO"???
Rank 10 
At the hill (friends) or in Yu's room (Lovers), Rise explains that she's made up her mind about going back into showbiz come spring: seeing Risette as part of herself too, she thinks she can find fun in work again. In the friends route, she offers Yu a signed class photo of herself ("A Risette without a fake smile") then resolves to cherish all the Rises inside her, denying that any of them are fake or real to begin with. She promises to get stronger so she can stop running away from these selves and welcome them instead.
The wording in the lovers route is slightly different. Instead of "cherishing" the Rises inside her, Rise promises not to try to change them, and instead to let people know they exist. She confesses to Yu, and decides to like the "me you found", crediting him for her growth and her newfound strength to accept herself wholly.
A social link with a noteworthy difference in the way the character grows between the friends and lovers route?? Impossible! Well, let's not get too excited either. Although the wording is different, with the lovers route placing more emphasis on the fact that Yu is responsible for Rise's growth - which, as you can guess, I think is dumb and not reallyy true, silent protag, grrrr, etc - I'm not sure there's too much to read in the difference between cherishing all the Rises inside her and wanting not to change them. Please correct me in comments if you disagree.
I find it funny that both Yosuke and Rise have the exact same reaction to entering Yu's room for the first time - asking where the "goods" are.
In my opinion Rise's Social Link is overall very strong, though it plays very safe and might leave you wanting a little bit more. What it does best is deal in a detailed and realistic manner with the sense of loss Rise comes to experience after having quit her job. Like Yosuke and Chie's Social Links, it presents an issue that most of us are likely to have faced as well: how does one cope with suddenly losing a defining aspect of their personality? The numerous ways in which being an idol had come to define Rise are explored thoroughly over the course of ranks 1 through 8, from how much pride she derived from her position to how much she relished being able to make a difference in the lives of her fan, while not overlooking the numerous ways in which the industry mistreated and sheltered her. Her emotional breakdown in rank 8 feels real and flows naturally from the rest of the SL; it's hard not to tear up a little bit watching it.
On the more negative side, it feels very safe, because the SL is practically a repeat of Rise's arc in her introductory dungeon, and it doesn't really show us any of her inner thoughts and issues outside of those directly related to her identity as an idol. Notice how frequently my analysis has been "yeah this is very straightforward". Compare with Yosuke's SL which shows many more facets of the character than simply his crush on Saki. Some ranks can feel a bit long and lacking in progress because of this, notably 3, 4 and 5. The conclusion Rise ends up drawing from the SL ("Risette is Rise too") is one that she already figured out after her shadow was defeated. This ends up hurting Rise disproportionately since so much of what she does outside of her SL is weeb bait protagonist worship. There's some clunky pieces of writing here and there, notably the attempt at establishing that Rise keeps running away from herself - yeah ok she did it once, that's hardly a habit. I wish we'd also seen more of the much calmer, subdued side of her personality that Rise shows initially when the Investigation Team visits her in the tofu shop. Not sure why it was dropped, it's an interesting contrast with the bubbly persona we expect from an idol, and would lend more credence to the idea that she used to be much more quiet and lonely before she grew to stardom.
Still, an overall strong SL which I reward with the rank of A tier.
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