Sidney Crosby

2022.01.17 01:27 Gillkid615 Sidney Crosby

After seeing Ben retire I realized how much Sidney is gonna hurt. I try to watch every single pens game, and always get to around 70-75 by end of season. I really think that Sidney’s last game will be the worst sports loss I ever experience. Anyone else agree?
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2022.01.17 01:27 StaceyDillsen Cards like Dingirsu and Number 49 Fortune Tune where if they would be destroyed you can detach a material instead - would this be a continuous effect? As a result, they are effects that don’t activate and can’t solemn strike?

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2022.01.17 01:27 Natey_Two Shower stall - no caulk here ok?

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2022.01.17 01:27 ktg1975 What exactly were They doing jabbing at those logs with shovels??

Why did Kody make Gabe and Garrison go out the property to shovel logs?!
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2022.01.17 01:27 UpsetDraft5782 .

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2022.01.17 01:27 saltylicker Are there female trans chasers? I’ve only ever heard about male trans chasers.

Do you have any experiences with these people?
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2022.01.17 01:27 vanityfair123 E-textbook recommendation

I'm using my iPad to purchase textbooks for my classes, and most of them can either be bought at Amazon (Kindle) or Pearson. Which platform do you recommend and which one is more convenient to write notes and stuff?
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2022.01.17 01:27 Rand0m5tranger Eye.... don't have a clever pun.

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2022.01.17 01:27 Alternative_Turn_198 Playing with Makeup

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2022.01.17 01:27 Hogoku_YT Rip 50 ccs. How did we lose this mission? I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who went crazy with the energy on the new platinum equipment.

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2022.01.17 01:27 Worldly-Age-5361 Miss the good old days...

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2022.01.17 01:27 DHouf When are we getting a figure of this Odin?!

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2022.01.17 01:27 Vampire5695 Charlie Brown and Snoopy meeting for the first time

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2022.01.17 01:27 velociraptor_wrecks They should've used "godspeed spider-man" too

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2022.01.17 01:27 lermaninoff Based Rule

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2022.01.17 01:27 EELave Request for ideas: Market UI, reimagined. 25 improvements for “My Orders”

Request for ideas: Market UI, reimagined. 25 improvements for “My Orders” We can speak how bad and clumsy the market UI is. We can launch “#BoycottAmarr” and “#TradeInJita” movements.
But this is not rational enough, not a constructive criticism. Yes, the market UI is bad – but how exactly it could be better?
Let’s reimagine the current UI. Not speaking about any changes in the gameplay (like, “should the orders be mergeable? Should you be allowed to increase or decrease the number of items in an order dynamically”? – even though in any real exchange, making two orders with the same price/location conditions will look like if you have a single combined order). Just the UI to access what we have already.
(Note this is not a graphical/art design, it is an UI/UX design, so it is intentionally sketchy).
This is what we have now
In the top left corner, you have a button to “go back” (or “menu”), you have this button in virtually every dialog.
When you click any order in “My Orders”, you can change it or delete it, as two new buttons appear on the right.
And that’s it.
How can “My Orders” become better?
Better “My Orders”
General (not just this single dialog, but affecting more places) changes:
  1. First of all – just like you have a “menu button” in top left corner in almost every dialog – you should have your wallet balance. It is needed almost always. There are so many dialogs when you would like to glance somewhere and see your balance (and you don't have it available currently),... that it would be better to have a consistent place with your wallet displayed any time. Let it be in the top left corner, near the omnipresent menu button.
  2. Anywhere when there is a number of ISKs assumed, use the ISK symbol, that Z letter with strikethrough (I used a “ℤ” unicode symbol instead of it in the sketch). Use it anywhere! It is a legit unit indication. You don’t want to have any “raw” numbers with the Z symbol, or “... ISK” suffix. Consistency. (For example, currently the “Selling price” violates it and just displays “70,000,000”).
  3. In some places (where you want to see a large number, but you don't need ultra-high precision – like the total ISK sum of orders), you may want to have an “approximate number”, like “1.2M” or “3B”. Use it; use it more; use B for billions, not just M for millions. “3,000,000,000” is “3B”, not “3,000M” – because it is “3 billions”, not “3 thousand millions”. And use “≈” explicitly to indicate if the number approximate or precise.
So, “3,123,456,789” is “≈3.123B”, not “3.123B” (because it is not “precisely equal”), not “~3.123B” (if you don’t know where to find the mathematically correct “approximately equal” sign, ask some adult in your room), not “3,123M”. (And remembering the point 2 of this discussion: if “3,123,456,789” is some number of ISKs, there is either a Z symbol or “ISK” word after it, that’s a must).
Especially not the latter – did you know that in some countries, there is a “decimal point”, and in some countries (e.g. Russia), there is a “decimal comma”? Every Russian reads “3,123M” as “about 3 millions”, not as “about 3 thousand millions” (because nobody says “thousand millions”), and not as “about 3 billions”. Stop confusing Russian brains, use B suffixes. You should really think twice when writing any number with a single thousand-separating-comma.
(On the screenshot, see how readable are “≈3.123B ℤ” and “≈1.2B ℤ”).
Probably, you should not be shy to use larger suffixes, either. We are in a space environment anyway – so we should get used to cosmic-size values! What the unreadable hell is that “Jump Drive fuel cost: 100000GJ/Lightyear”??? (I am still unsure if I’ve counted the number of zeros correctly). “One hundred thousand giga...”? You really think nobody understands “100 TJ/LY”? Look at two text strings “100000GJ/Lightyear” and “100 TJ/LY” – which one you understand faster?
  1. Stop writing the numbers with units like “”! there are many units that warrant a space between the number and the unit. It is not “1000GJ”, it is “1000 GJ”; it is not “5Day”, it is (at least) “5 day” (and note the lowercase). By the way, the unit of energy is not “GJ” (like in the quiz). The unit is “J”, joule. “G” is the SI prefix. “T” is another good prefix, as “M” or even “P”.
By the way, SI things like “M” or “G” or “T” are prefixes. They go before, before the unit. So it is 5 GJ, 5 gigajoules, 7 MJ, 7 megajoules. But the notation like “B” is more used for monetary values, and it is more of a separate word, “billion”. And they probably should be “suffixes”, like “7M ISK” and “3B ISK”. Because it is not “7 Mega-ISK”, but “7 million ISK”; not ”3 Giga-ISK”, but “3 billion ISK”.
TLDR: 100 TJ/LY, 500 GJ/LY, 40 MJ, ≈3.2B Z, 21M Z.
  1. Speaking of L10n and i18n, even a 32 years old Gettext supported singular and plural forms; and some languages may have even more form and weirder rules of their placement. But it is 2022, and internationalization is a long solved question. So there should not be a problem to write “1 day”, “101 day” but “11 days” and “2 days”. And “My Orders” is exactly the place where it occurs often.
Now let’s think about some more improvements specific to “My Orders”:
“My Orders”, again
  1. If you go to the “Market”, you can see how many orders you have already put on the market. Like, “29/62”. But that’s the only place where you can see it. When in fact, “My Orders” is even a better place for that: when you are overviewing all of your orders, it would be nice to see if you are close to the limit, and what the limit is. Isn’t “My Orders (27/62)” a very intuitive way to display it?
  2. “Sell” and “Buy” buttons steal a whole column, a lot of space so needed in the limited mobile interface. But the header zone is completely unoccupied. Let’s move “Sell” and “Buy” to tabs over the dialog, not from the left. Saving so much space!
  3. ... and even after that, “Sell” and “Buy” buttons still take a lot of space. They could be used for good. Why do we have only the “total order count”, but cannot see the number of our sell orders or buy orders? Currently you cannot see it anywhere in the game! Adding just the number of orders to each section (“Sell (13)”) would already be an improvement, and putting here the total ISK of the according orders would be very useful, too – you don’t have to go back to the “Market” dialog anymore.
  4. Ordering the columns would be rather helpful, too. At least, by “Items”, “Time left”, “Price” and “Location” – for any of those columns I can imagine a usecase when you would love to order by this column. The default ordering by the time of creation is good; but you sometimes really want to see if you maybe have some “double-orders” (in the same or different ITCs).
  5. Note I renamed the “Selling...” (what this does even mean?) column to more obvious “Location“.
  6. Anywhere when you see a location, it should be clickable, period. Just for consistency. So you can set an autopilot to anything mentioned. There is no reason why “My Orders” should not have this, too. You see Jita – you click Jita.
  7. The whole row itself should not be clickable (like it is clickable now). There could be a small button on the right, like a typical “pencil” button. There are other usages for clicking/touching the row (and particularly this “clickable” interface is rather unintuitive, and contradicts the UI elements in other components of games – nothing anywhere behaves like this!)
  8. Tapping that pencil button would move the row to the left, just like tapping the whole row does now. But instead of the current 2 buttons, there must be at least a new, third, “View Market Details” button, that opens the market page for this item, directly. Currently, to double-check the prices for 60 items in your list, you have to manually search all 60 of them, typing the names!!! This is the “infamous thirteenth” wish – but this is something that must be fixed first and foremost.
  9. ... and when it appears, it shouldn’t just open a default regular “Sellers” page of the market. If you are looking at the “Buy” tab of your orders – it should open the “Buyers” tab. It would definitely save you a single click each time you use it.
  10. See the “time left” column (which, as we spoke already, should change from ”5Day” to something like “5 days”)? You definitely want to see all the orders that have less than a day remaining, color-coded yellow. And all the orders with less than, like, 3 hours remaining, color-coded red.
But do you know why tapping the row should stop opening those ”two buttons”? And why that “pencil”-like Edit button is needed?
Not just because, when you tap the station name, that should be an autopilot setup.
Tapping the item name or icon
16... but because, when you tap (and probably hold – or just tap) the icon or the name of the item being sold, the regular popup with the item details/menu should appear!
And here you will see the regular “Edit order”. The regular “Delete order”. And “View Market Details”, too!
But also you will see the regular data/specs about this item. Why, why cannot we click on the items we are selling or buying, and see their specs? Any reason for that? If I know I am selling a Nidhoggur BP; and I suddenly want to check the Nidhoggur (ship) specs; – what could be more intuitive than jumping to my own order, opening the details of my own Nidhog BP item; see the “Products: Nidhoggur” and click on it? And you don’t need to search the Nidhoggur typing its name manually (and trying to not misspell it).
But let’s go on and, instead of the so-dreamed-about ”View Market Details”, click the “Edit Order”. You did it lots of times already, you know how this dialog looks like, entering some number, or specifically, entering some price. How it could be made better?
Better “Modify price” dialog
  1. There are Too Many Zeroz (did a baritone sax started playing in your mind?). As we spoke before, whenever you see the number – the MUST be either Z-with-strike or “ISK” symbol by it. But that’s not just it. You really want also a shorter (see point 2) notation just to double-check yourself (that you put that number of zeroes you really want). See, “32,000,000,000 Z (32B Z)”.
If it was “31,728,123,456 Z”, it would be “≈31.7B Z”. To decrease the confusion. No it WOULD NOT be “≈31,728M Z”. The point is to decrease the confusion, not to increase it. I am selling the Dread for “several billions”, not for “several thousand millions”.
  1. Do you think that every user of this interface knows that “minimum” and “maximum” shortcuts are clickable? Many people have completely no idea about it. Underline them, turn them into “links” – and people will know about them, and use them.
  2. In fact, I know you share the “input number” dialog between many places. You have the same dialog to input “how many tritanium items I want to sell” and “for what price”. The former needs the “minimum” and “maximum” point. The dialog to enter the price – doesn’t; and it should be quite different from “just enter the number”. So let’s speak about “entering the price”
  3. Have you seen those old cashier machines, with “000” button on them? In the New Eden space, where you sometimes trade tritanium and sometimes trade Chimeras, you really want the “k ~”, “M Z” and “B Z”. So selling something for 31 Billion would need to press “3”, “1” and “B Z”. (The generic “enter number” dialog would benefit from having “k”, “M” and “B” buttons too, though).
  4. Maybe, when entering the price of the item, you don’t need “minimum” and “maximum” clickable shortcuts as much. But you would need some, won’t you? Which ones?
Probably, you need the “market estimated price”. You need it almost anywhere where the price is entered. Just click it, and that is it.
Also note that for the market estimated price, you see both the “precise” and “approximate” values. That’s how you double-check the price is in sensible range (and it is not somebody trying to scam you, and buy Chimera for 15M instead of 15B). Whenever the prices are involved, a short rough number is very helpful.
  1. Two much more skillful shortcuts would be “Lowest sell” and “Highest buy”. Everyone looks at them anyway. Note you need to have both! It is not like “If I am selling, I am interested only in lowest sell price”. Maybe “Highest buy” is close enough, and you don’t need to create an order at all?
  2. But speaking of “Lowest sell” and “Highest buy”, it is always a question, in what range is it lowest/highest.
For this purpose, the regular Market has a filter option, allowing you to choose between “All Universe orders” / “Inside Region” / “Inside Solar System” / “Station”. This dialog should have the filter like this, too (and the value of the filter you set up should be remembered on your phone for future dialogs). Note the filter icon where you change the value; and there should also be a tiny filter icon near the “Lowest sell”/“Highest buy” hinting that these values will be changed with this filter.
  1. When you edit the price of something, this will eventually affect your balance somehow. Editing the order – would imply paying (or receiving) some collateral, paying some fees. All of that should be directly in the dialog where you do it! In our case, this dialog seems like “change the price at the order; the price will be made worse so some collateral will be returned; but you still need to pay some broker fees”. So much helpful just when you are changing it!
And of course you see the total after the change you are typing in. (And of course, the total is both precise and “≈72M Z”).
BTW did you notice that now you can look at your top left corner and double-check if you have enough ISK in your wallet? Thanks to the point 1, we have a wallet balance there!
  1. Note the color-coding! Red is obviously “some money are taken from you”, green is “some money are returned to you”. Total is red, even though something is green. Explains your transaction so much more clear!
And note the explicit “Broker fees (4%)” hint. You need to know that broker fees are different when you change the order. And there is no much place where you can easily find the numbers and percents. When you need the explanation, there must be an explanation nearby.
This is it, for now. More ideas? More ways to improve this interface? I haven’t mentioned the “Buyers” and “Sellers” dialog at all, that’s a whole different story, and a topic for the next post. Let’s discuss these ideas and these improvements for now. I’ll post them in EE Discord to let the people vote; search for “25 UI improvements for My Orders”.
(And, just for legal clearance and to give NetEase legal department something to bite: I claim no copyright or any other rights on any of these suggested ideas, and I release them for NetEase or any other parties on Public Domain terms. So you can may freely use them as you wish.)
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2022.01.17 01:27 asiangirlfuccboi Boyfriend (38M) kinda made me (27F) cry during his birthday dinner?

I’m really not sure what to make of this situation.
We are away on vacation for both our birthdays this week. Today is his, mine is on Thursday.
We’ve already fought once since arriving this morning because I was burnt out from a crazy work week and “lacking a sense of urgency” during our commute, and I didn’t wish him happy birthday during the red eye. I was planning on telling him in the morning. He was frustrated, tired, and hungry at the car rental and was being cranky. I offered to drive because his emotions affect his driving, and he took it as an attack. We’ve made up since.
I made reservations to a nice tasting menu restaurant that I was gonna treat him to. We were having pleasant and deep conversation, at one point we talked about his issues with thinking people are malicious with their questions, stemming from his mom doing so.
At some later point, I tried being playful and bringing up something sexual he said earlier. “Do you remember when you said you were gonna [do this explicit thing to me]?” He suddenly got mad and thought I was accusing him of not doing that before we left for dinner.
Sometimes I do follow up with questions like this, because he will get tired or forget. It can be about chores or sex. He was very triggered by the question and was asking me why I couldn’t make today about him, proceeding to tell me how I don’t make him feel special or loved the same way he does for me. He brought up being extremely supportive while I’ve been slammed at work and interviewing at multiple places the past couple of weeks (why I was exhausted during the commute) — doing household stuff while he is unemployed.
It gets to the point where I am tearing up and excuse myself to cry in the bathroom a little bit. I collect myself and head back to the table, but he continues where he left off (I don’t remember what was said exactly, I was still out of sorts). I’m still feeling raw so I end up bursting into tears at the table. I had to excuse myself outside this time. We continued dinner in silence, and he was rude to one of our servers as a result.
He apologized for making me cry, but he blames me for ruining dinner because I should’ve known that question would trigger him. and that he will have to swallow his feelings because this is now MY vacation and nothing can be about him. I’ve apologized as well, but I’m not sure what to do moving forward / make the rest of this vacation easy?
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2022.01.17 01:27 Deathless729 Its him!

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2022.01.17 01:27 SatisfactionLow8372 what vest is playboi carti wearing?

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2022.01.17 01:27 The-Karga Pimple Popping

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2022.01.17 01:27 hitssfb I wish Single Life had a Pillow Talk

Could you imagine having to watch Tim and Veronica react to Jesse and Jeniffer? I wonder if they’ll add one when the show goes over to TLC regularly.
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2022.01.17 01:27 EwokUno R2-D2 Sphero app

When I got this toy I remember it came with an app to pair with the movies and control the toy. But I can’t find it in the app store anymore anyone know how I can get it again?
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2022.01.17 01:27 Somthingelse_yt Dear fortnite can you please add my skin cat bot 3000 into the game

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2022.01.17 01:27 GrimVik Heh

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