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Allah Kabir in Holy Quran Sharif, Surat Furkani 25, verse no. 52-59 Fala-Tutiyal-Kafiran-ve-Jahidhum-Bihi-Jihadan-Kabiran”, it is clearly written ‘Kabiran’ submitted by Beautiful_Stomach_82 to SaintRampalJi [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 01:49 Seedpound So funny......

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2022.01.17 01:49 WeaponisedAutismus GEA1000 swap tutorial

Hello everyone; I have a tutorial slot D05 (odd weeks, 12 to 3 pm on Tuesdays in UTown) and would like to swap for a slot for Thursday afternoon, 3 to 6 pm. Please direct message me if you would like to swap.
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2022.01.17 01:49 IHaveQuestionsDude How long can a person leave a uti untreated?

23F, noticed symptoms 2 weeks ago, will be going to the doctor now. I didn't go previously because I didn't know what this was. But after googling a lot of sotes say that left untreated, it can cause kidney issues. That's all fine and good but nobody is telling me how long is too long to leave untreated and now I'm worried I've given myself kidney issues by waiting 2 weeks. Am I screwed?
Pls don't give me lectures on how I should have gone sooner. I get it now. Just tell me if 2 weeks is enough to give me permanant damadge. Thank you.
Additional info if needed: 5'4 and 100lbs
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2022.01.17 01:49 iRadinVerse Damn Connor is a lucky guy

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2022.01.17 01:49 ericscott123 I made a horrible error and I wanted to check if anyone here agrees - thousands lost on GATE.io

Some facts:

  1. I mistakenly send USDC ETH from my Metamask to Gate.io ETH address for a massive amount.
  2. The funds never hit the Gate.io CEX for use but I can see them sitting now, in my ETH wallet.
  3. This SPL USDC position was wormhole wrapped. And this looks like contract = 0x41f7B8b9b897276b7AAE926a9016935280b44E97.
  4. ETH USDC is properly 0xa0b86991c6218b36c1d19d4a2e9eb0ce3606eb48.
  5. I asked Gate for help for 6 days. A customer support guy on chat said luckily he was almost positive these USDC could be pushed back as they were sitting in my ETH gate.io wallet.
  6. On the 7th day, I finally got a response that Gate.io does not support that contract and the funds are stuck and can not be recovered. In the future, if they add that contract, I can raise a request.
  7. I'm not new to crypto but did make a bad mistake. I don't know if I have any other recourse but this, even on a CEX seems to be a final answer.
  8. Wormhole on Twitter was very friendly, but of course, kicked it over to Gate.io. That's been the worst customer service experience I've ever encountered and I use them for all of my primary trading (did).
  9. I guess off to bed with a hard lesson learned and if any friends here have some thoughts or ideas - I'm not great with the backend knowledge of accounts and CEXs. So this would be really appreciated.
  10. And, it may save me an even more expensive divorce. Best, Eric
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2022.01.17 01:49 PotatoGalaxyYT Stuck between Foundry and Expo Markers

About to run a Curse of Strahd playthrough with 4 people who have some DND experience. Originally, I was going to do what I do with my homebrew world and just draw stuff as they get to it, and mostly theatre of the mind or whatever. Anyways, I've been reading Curse of Strahd and seeing the maps and such, and they are 100x more intricate than ones I'm used to. My natural line of thought was "ok, well I can't use dry erase markers for all of this stuff, so let's get some actual maps". Turns out, printing out this big of maps is not only expensive but just a headache. So now, I'm thinking of buying foundry and just having everyone bring their laptops. My goal would be: Just do the movement on the screen, all other aspects of the game are to be pen/paper, the way they like it. Doing it virtually would provide the intricately that this module seems to have. I do have some concerns though:

  1. This would be in person, and so no dedicated server required, is LAN easy to set up?
  2. I'm seeing this guy called "Pyram King" on Youtube who has a decent amount of the maps ready to be imported. I have never used Patreon though, and it's unclear whether or not joining his will only gain access to one battle map, or all of them. Any helpful information as to how to get Curse of Strahd maps onto foundry are welcome.
  3. Asides from the visual betterment of the game, I am only wanting Foundry really for movement of players/enemies and perhaps initiative tracking. Is it easy to avoid all the other tools/mechanics of the program without it being a headache? I can imagine a program as detailed as Foundry can have a lot on the screen.
A lot to unpack there, but any tips on this situation would be greatly appreciated!
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2022.01.17 01:49 GryffindorMuggle Philadelphia, PA today - these aren't the best photos but, does can anyone ID this gull?

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2022.01.17 01:49 Ambrose8765 Giratina shows up, oh my god, the real leaks are just beginning

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2022.01.17 01:49 samgoldenchat Google's Betty Tribute, just Google her name on her birthday for a lovely surprise!

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2022.01.17 01:49 SPHastings I submitted a uni action record for LiCA last Thursday but it hasn’t been approved yet, how long does it take to process it?

Thank you so much :)
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2022.01.17 01:49 Damocles875 I hate it when he does that

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2022.01.17 01:49 Jolliwatermelon Blyke's a hypocrite? Season 1 and 2 analysis

There's ben alot of discussion around Blyke and I just wanted to throw my opinion out there.
First, let's define what hypocrisy is:
The practice of claiming to have moral standards or belief to which one's own behavior does no confirm to. Pretending to have certain belief, views and/or attitudes when one does not. Basically its behavior that does not agree with the claim of said person.
This is quite different from hypocrite who is:
A person who indulges in hypocrisy. Also characterized by seeing themselves as above others
In the same way a liar is a person who's constantly telling lies, a hypocrite is some who constantly (commonly enough) practicing hypocrisy.
So is what Blyke's doing hypocrisy and does it make him a hypocrite?
Character analysis for Season 1:
[Chapter 1] Isen and Blyke having a huge brawl near the bathroom. Shows as their careless and negligent about the damage they are causing.
[Chapter 14-15] The Royals go over Again for Turf wars.Shown to be strong during his fights and has a pretty good handle on his power. Wins the first, loses the second. He doesn't give up even though he's clearly couldn't continue until Sera stops the fight.
[Chapter 48-49] Isen and Blyke get Remi to take the power measure (thing) to win a prize and find out about the scheme. Immediately take things into their own hands but acting very reckless.
[Chapter 78] Hanging posters about Ember (Remi asked him to) and doesn't deny it but gets Arlo to try and talk to her. Shows concern for his friends and even when he doesn't agree, he doesn't discourage (more on this in the later chapters).
[Chapter 80] Complains about John to Isen about how he hogs the bathroom (noting that he doesn't mention about him being a cripple being a problem).
[Chapter 84] Isen comes across John beat up on the floor and him and Blyke get John to his bed. John begins questioning why Isen is helping him while listing things he's done (understandably paranoid after Arlo's fiasco). Blyke is fed up with John attacking both Remi and Isen helping him and lashing out on them.
[Chapter 86] Stops Zeke's guys from bullying John (you take it however you want it. Did he do it for John or just found the talking annoying and wanted to shut them up).
[Chapter 93] Isen and Blyke confront Remi about being distant lately and she lets them know she's okay and not hiding something. Blyke isn't convinced and tries to get to the bottom of it. They find out she's still working on Ember. She tells them how that they don't need to be annoyed by her and she'll do it by herself. Blyke let's her know that he was just worried and that he and Isen we're always there to support her. In [Chapter 94] its revealed that neither of them really want to do it but only play along for the safety of their friend.
[Chapter 96] On their first mission in a low tier area, a woman Remi saves shares the mistreatment that goes on in the area. Blyke is empathetic and calls it out as messed up.
[Chapter 102] Blyke intervenes in a fight (saving Sera and John) though this time, he sees John as being picked on rather than on [Chapter 86] where he thinks John got himself in to trouble
[Chapter 118] After barely making it out, Isen doesn't think they should continue and Remi insists (since they've now found Ember) to keep going. Blyke is the mediator of the two and insecurities about his power begin to pop up in his mind (this continues in later chapters).
[Chapter 121] Blyke tries to squash his beef with John.
[Chapter 133] Remi and Blyke try to figure out more about the Joker (after Isen's beat up). Tries to connect with John by letting him know he'll catch him
[Chapter 134] Blyke fights Joker. Tries to fight without his power at first but ends up using it and loses. Blyke's tries getting up and John gives him the final blow
[Chapter 135] Isen and Remi visit Blyke who's spent most of the day in the infirmary. They talk about how the fight went and Jokers abilities.
[Chapter 137] Blyke goes to Arlo for advice on how to be King (feeling discourage after the whole Volcano thing). They talk about the past. Blyke and Isen VS Arlo. And how things were when Rei left the school and Arlo having to fix it all by himself (along with a pretty high power jump). Really enjoyed re-reading it. One of my fav
[Chapter 145-146] Blyke manages to make 2 finger layers (learning from Joker) as he thinks about possible suspects. He wonders what Joker would look if he had no abilities. John walks in and Blyke suspects him. He shares it with his friends the next day and at first thinks it's a crazy coincidence. Then he remembers Isen's whole stalking John behavior and he fesses up. Blyke's says: Damn it. I tried so hard to be friendly with him. Isen continues on, noting that this was something John's done in his last school and appears to be a pattern of behavior.
[Chapter 149-154] He and Remi about John's past and ability (through Isen). Blyke and Remi are still persistent on fighting. Blyke gets mad at Isen who tells Remi to give up instead. Remi goes to talk to John (Isen and Blyke follow). John doesnt wanna hear it. Blyke tells him he has to. They end up not seeing eye to eye. Fight happens. He spots Isen and Blyke quick. Goes for Isen. Blyke shoot a beam at him to draw attention away from Isen. He gets beat. Yada yada...John wins.
Summary: He's a careless and hotheaded teenager who cares deeply for his friends. Begins to mature and understand the discrimination of low tiers and tries to put more effort in making friends with John. Ends up handling the argument between Remi and Isen and is becoming increasingly less confident with his power. Even asking Arlo for advice (giving a bit more confidence). Only to lose the very next fight. Even after finding about Jokers power level, he still willing to help Remi fight Joker. He thinks of Jokers action as cruel and overboard (but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, he doesn't know what the people Joker beat up did). This is backed better by his New Boston papers. He and his friends are all defeated at the end

Best case argument is his negligence. There could be an argument for him calling what the authorities are doing cruel in the low tier districts (by ignoring them and leaving them to fend for themselves) and him ignoring the bullying that goes on in the school. But to argue for the other side, he does step in when he sees it (some will it's not enough) and never participated in it himself, plus he tried making friends with John after that.
Negligence: Failure to take proper care in doing something.
Character analysis for Season 2:
[Chapter 157] Arlo and Isen visit Remi and Arlo in the hospital. Remi blames herself for the bad loss. She's still want to take down Joker. Arlo tells her to drop it. Isen invites Blyke to sleep at his dorm. After they leave Blyke says this too Remi:
"You know, Arlo's right. So much has happened. With all the Ember, and John becoming Joker. We couldn't handle any of it. I already had doubts about my capabilities, but this last fight really opened my eyes. I'm weak. Not only did I get my a$$ beaten twice by Joker, but I've lost my title as a royal too. I suppose it's fitting. I can't be trusted to look out for others if Im not strong enough to take care of myself"
[Chapter 160] Blyke comes over to his dorm. John asks him what he's doing here (which really saddens Blyke). He tells him he's just packing his stuff. Isen notices Blyke's energy is off. Blyke thinks someone like John in power is pretty bad stating his ruthless nature/brutalization and no one being there to keep in check (Arlo had Seraphina, Sera...I'm not sure who kept her in check. She did drop the royal title so I guess she didn't need one). Blyke has a nightmare about John and decides he needs to be stronger. Then they learn about the fake jokers running around.
[Chapter 163] Isen is venting out to Blyke about the fake joker news. They cut by the television reporting about Ember again. While they are discussing Isen gives Blyke the idea of being a super hero since "these people better Be getting strong fast if they wanna keep up".
[Chapter 166] We get to see handle a fake joker. Shoot a warning beam. Makes one of the bystanders help the injured to the infirmary. He tells him that he was attacked by the Joker for a reason and to think about who he's hurt. He deals with the fake joker. He hears him out but tells him to drop the mask and if he's picked on again, to contact him or Remi and Isen.
My opinion here but I think this chapter really showed how good of a king Blyke would be
Back at Isen's dorm, the trio talks about the situation. Remi wants to talk with every student and gain their trust, adding alot of high tiers to help her including John. Isen scoffs at the idea of John helping. Blyke agreeing, and adding on to how John called them out for abusing their power and for him to go and do just that. Isen reminds them that John's done this before and that it's a cycle for him.
[Chapter 167] Blyke's searches for some criminals. He thinks if he keeps low (goes in, take em down, then get out) he won't be targeted by Ember
[Chapter 168] Isen vents out to Blyke with a hypothetical scenario (Arlo making him do things). Blyke agrees the fake joker thing is too big to keep quiet but he also gives some perspective from Arlo's side (what he learned in [Chapter 137]). After Isen goes to sleep, he leaves for superhero-ing
[Chapter 169-170] Blyke's first mission. He gets himself in somewhat of a bad situation. Power-up and is able to use an energy flare (he must have been pretty close to high tier already. Makes sense since he does turf wars and has been training ever since his loss against Joker). Beats them. Got pretty bad injuries from it tho. Has a bit of a back and forth with the low tier he saved then leaves. A mysterious person watching him (Kuyo). Back at Isen's dorm in the morning, it looks like Blyke's scar is better than what it looked like (probably his passive since he's a high tier now). Confirmed when he goes to Doc the next day and all he has is a bruise.
[Chapter 195-199] Blyke stops Zeke who was beating up Sera. Gives him a bit of lecturing (of how high tiers like him and Zeke who create a dangerous environment for those who are weaker). He and Sera have a chat in the infirmary. Sera says it's pretty normal so she accepted it.
Sera: I started pretty terrible but I've gotten the hang of it now. Just gotta mind !y own business and fight off some jerks from time to time. Not a big deal at this point. Blyke: Regardless, you shouldn't have to put up with this. Alot needs to change. The Safehouse is just a small part of the solution. It obviously won't solve everything right away but it's something. Over time, well learn and adapt. We'll find ways to make things better.
Sneaks out at night to go superhero-ing again but this time, the criminal is of higher rank. Already accidentally reveals him and his friends identity to a kid. Decides to jump in a fight he can't handle to protect some low tiers. Does pretty well although they have back up. It gets to be too much until he's saved by Kuyo. They team up and defeat Lenon. Blyke finds ability enhancers (sticks in in his pockets). He asks Kuyo about them. They talk for a while. Kuyo asks if Blyke is willing to work with him. He declines the offer and let's him know he's quiting but tells him good luck. Blyke is officially revealed to bea high tier (5.0).
[Chapter 202] The trio go to the cafe to celebrate the safe house. The news reports on a superhero named Nobody. They interview a bystander and even find video footage of him fighting (really suspicious. who was recording). Try to make it seem like Blyke and Kuyo could have nearly died. Remi gets up and leaves the cafe, Blyke running after her to try to explain himself. They talk for a bit and Remi let's him know that's she's not mad, just worried. He tells her he won't be continuing it. Isen comes around pissed. Remi tries calming him down. But he brings up the point of Blyke now having a massive target on his back.
[Chapter 206-207] Blyke tells Remi and Isen about his superhero-ing. He also shows them the ability amplifiers he got. Isen jokes around about how someone like him could probably beat Arlo or John (something Blyke seems interested in). Outside, Zeke captures 2 low tiers discussing about the safe house. Zeke throws them around (John doesnt attack them). Blyke hears about it and runs over there. Blyke tells them to stop John kicks on of the low tiers to provoke him. Blyke tries to take John somewhere else so the others have time to get away. That works but John catches up. They have a back and forth.
John: What ever the hell you and your little safe house are planning, it won't f*cking work. I'm gonna destroy that place if it's the last thing I'll do. Blyke: Why. What did the safe house ever do to you. John: It's a piece of shit and it doesn't deserve to exist. Blyke: You...you say that when you haven't seen it. Even on our opening day, you sent Zeke to scout us out instead of coming yourself. If you wanted it gone so badly, why not end us personally. John: Your pathetic club inst worth the time of the day. Blyke: Bullshit. Then you wouldn't be attacking it. Your avoiding it on purpose. Your avoiding the safe house while trying to get rid of it because you can't accept that the "high rankers" you've hated so much have actually made some progress. You do t want to admit that we're not all as shitty as you are. John: Shut up
John cuts him off, slams his head into the ground then leaves. Zeke following. When Blyke wakes up in the infirmary, he talks about how much he hates John. Seraphina tries giving him some perspective, that this kinds of things did happen and John has in a way, pointed out a huge flaw. But he's not trying to work with anyone to fix it. But Blyke can't stand John anymore.
[Chapter 209-212] The 2 kids Blyke saved join the safe house. Blyke tells them how its run and he goes on a bathroom break. He thinks about giving the amplifiers to the headmaster. John comes to the safe house while he's gone (at first, he noticed Sera playing New Texis Hold'em. He gets mad when the students begin to run away from him). He threatens them and knocks out the kid from the last chapter. Sera steps in. She tries talking to John. It's not working and she ends up saying something that provokes him but Blyke steps in as John is about to punch Sera. Sends John flying out the window and tries to keep him out the safe house. Blyke joins John outside. We see his inner thoughts and that he did not infact use the drugs.
Blyke: "I hate his guts. But I'm not gonna risk losing myself just so I can win a fight against this asshole. A jacka$$ who takes his anger out on everyone. And treats his only friend like sh*t. It's not worth it. Even if I have to get beaten by him everytime I defend the safe house, then so be it."
He holds up much better than before but still gets down. John asks why it's always him and continues hitting him. The principal and Keene stop John and take Blyke to the infirmary. Keene reports the vial he found.
[Chapter 218] Blyke fesses up about the amplifiers and secretly being a vigilante. Vaughn tells him that he's put himself in a lot trouble. He apologizes but asks of the Headmaster if he can delay the punishment till he helps Remi stabilize the Safehouse. He seems pleased with the request and grants it. He and Remi talk. Blyke asks if she's mad at him. Remi tells him that she isn't and unfortunately didn't realize how much it was eating at him but re-assures him by telling him he's strong. We go back to Vaughn. Keene tells him that the authorities have already been keeping a close watch over Wellston (with John and Sera) and they'll soon be coming for Blyke. Vaughn says he doesn't want them to interfere with his development and that it'll be hard to protect him. He asks Keene to have Doc look at the enhancers.
[Chapter 234] Cassandra (pretty sure she's the one from Rei's side story 1) working under Val. They've got papers on Blyke and Remi and now Isen too.
Summary: Coming right off Season 1 major loss, Blyke is taking it very hard. Especially with John being his roommate. He looks into vigilantism as a way to get stronger quickly. But he shows alot of good leadership skills when dealing with fake jokers. And hes willing to put himself at risk if it means protecting others (superhero, Safehouse). But he's insecurities of his power and hatred for John gets the best of him alot. He shows development in understanding what he's done wrong before and how to make things better. And soon starts to open up more to his friends about what he's dealing with. But his recklessness has gotten him into deep trouble (one he won't be getting out of it soon).
I don't think anything in Season 2 (at least part 1) shows him to be a hypocrite. Many people will be quick to judge his opinion on John as hypocrisy but that's not the case. Him not supporting and calling out John brutality doesn't make him a hypocrite. He's never committed the action himself nor defended anyone who did. One could argue that him being friends with Isen and Arlo while actively calling out John is hypocritical. To which could be replied by his friendship and what he believes in being 2 separate things. An example like this would be Arlo and Rei. He didn't like Reis system and even said that it lead the school to disaster. But Rei was still someone Arlo looked up to and respected. But that could also be character development. Maybe at some point, Blyke though it was fine for someone to abuse their power. But that doesn't mean he'll always carry that belief. I think a better word and the word people are probably looking for is self righteous
Self righteous: Having or characterized by certainty that one is totally correct or morally superior
With that being said, this could also be argued against. Blyke doesn't think he's totally correct. Chapters 157 and 195 can prove that. But one could say that Blyke is morally superior to John because he hasn't done any of the things John has done. Sure he was uneducated about the school situation, but there is a difference between ignorance and malicious intent.
But I think it's important for people to be able to see both viewpoints. To John, Blyke is another high tier who ignored the bullying happening in the lower tiers. Him shooting a warning beam at him as their first encounter is proof to him. And after Arlo's betrayal, he's left paranoid. And when they show development, it's already too late in his eyes. He's already lost hope and has becoming the very thing he hated. And everything they do will never satisfy John. And he refuses to accept that they've changed. Because if they can progress, why can't he. Why isn't he able to move on.
And from Blyke's point of view, John is someone who keeps lashing out to his friends. And when he tried reconciling, he brushed him aside. And even after continuing to try his best and make amends, all he ends up with is a stab in the back (beating him as Joker). He's merciless and often brutal. His papers about New Boston being proof to this. And John calling him out for abuse of power is hypocritical as he does the exact same thing. What does he have against the Safehouse. Why does he want it destroyed so badly. Isn't this what he wanted. For the Royals to step up. But no matter what they do it's not enough.
Anyways, what's the next character you guys want to see.
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2022.01.17 01:49 Accomplished_Cod1099 You have a RazorBlade mouse pad? That's cute

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2022.01.17 01:49 el-bufalo-malverde Who remembers this awful song? It’s both a hybrid of “guys only like bumbling whores” and some nice guy shit.

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2022.01.17 01:49 dipperdog Trump has been talking trash about Ron DeSantis in private, saying the Florida gov. has a 'dull personality' and is ungrateful

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2022.01.17 01:49 kektheeke People of Reddit, what’s a good strategy that you use to get fewer bitches?

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2022.01.17 01:49 Playful_Ad_8198 Becca and her perfect smile

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2022.01.17 01:49 Otherwise-Walrus699 SpaceRunnersNFT metaverse

Metaverse #Runner #Metaverse #Fashion #RUNfam #Runner #NFTs #AR @spacerunnersnft Spaceverse is the first-ever fashion metaverse where you can showcase spacerunners fashionable NFTs, join fashion and sports related events, interact and play games with other participants.
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2022.01.17 01:49 Remarkable_Strategy6 I’m just wondering if this headstrap will fit for the oculus quest original case? More detail for the headstrap DESTEK Elite Strap Compatible for... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B095XX1V4V?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

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2022.01.17 01:49 StellarGravityWell Taking his hand in more than one way

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2022.01.17 01:49 Titanusgamer Should I upgrade to Windows 11?

I am on Windows 10 currently and got the windows prompt to upgrade to Windows 11. I am not sure how the compatibility of games is like. will there be any degrade in performance. etc etc. can anyone suggest. Thanks.
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