¿Cuánto nos cuesta recargar el coche eléctrico en casa?

2021.10.27 04:04 Elis_Alvarez ¿Cuánto nos cuesta recargar el coche eléctrico en casa?

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2021.10.27 04:04 chicharito14_FPL Can I replay a scenario in campaign mode to get the treasure chest I missed the first time?

Also, is there an indicator that shows which scenarios you missed treasure chests? Or is there no way to get the chests once a scenario has been completed? I would like to avoid throwing the game during a scenario just to be able to get the full experience this game has to offer.
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2021.10.27 04:04 BoltrendGames Maintenance Notice on Oct.28

Dear Dood:
Thank you for your supports on DISGAEA RPG! Please note that the new updates will occur from 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. on Oct 28 (UTC-4). DISGAEA RPG will not be playable during this time. We will shorten or extend the maintenance according to the actual situation.
Events: 1. Most Badass Overlord Festival Login Bonus 2. The Seven Deadly Sins Collaboration - Fiercest Overlord Fest 3. Collaboration Sets/Packs 4. The Seven Deadly Sins Collaboration Summon - FINAL
Note: Please note that the Exchange shop won't be added for the summons which has limited times paid summon or guaranteed feature of specific characters. For example, your paid summons in Overlord Fest or Final summon won't add exchange tokens.
Compensation Content: Nether Quartz (Free) *300 The compensation will be sent to your in-game box after the maintenance.
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2021.10.27 04:04 madheatteezy 'Eternals' establishes MCU's first gay superhero, same-sex couple in movie

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2021.10.27 04:04 Longui45 Every socks taken off in your house will automatically fly to your washing machine.

If your house doesn't have a washing machine, then socks will fly to your smelly clothes dump.
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2021.10.27 04:04 Legitimate_Side_6802 Any active groups on sc??

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2021.10.27 04:04 mslvvvv Difference between potency and agency?

Im approaching potency particularly from Bifo Berardi's context and got stuck on wondering this.
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2021.10.27 04:04 CasualAdultery My gecko sleeps like 20 hours a day... am a little bit worried about him.

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2021.10.27 04:04 Redline1341 KVK HYPE - LILITH MAKE IT HAPPEN - Rise of Kingdoms

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2021.10.27 04:04 --FalseHorizon-- My friend offered to get me tickets to a NASCAR race. I was soooooo excited to get to see my first airshow but when I got there it was literally just a bunch of cars driving in circles. Complete waste of time. Disappointed.

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2021.10.27 04:04 sank1238879 Disha Patani [3000 x 3000]

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2021.10.27 04:04 Zeuve TikToker Invited to FaZe For Playing Chrome Dino

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2021.10.27 04:04 informatica_famdif What is the most feature rich we framework to use with firebase?

Not long ago I was assigned the duty of creating the back end for an app that uses firebase, and I have to replicate the functionality of the app in the page.
Since I'm a PHP developer I'm not that familiar with firebase my first instinct was to go for a Laravel project, but in this case I see the framework as not really useful apart from blade, which I could live without.
The app is also meant to use google map services, so it's a very front-end heavy task, so there has to be a better way to develop it on a more appropriate framework. I was thinking about Vue.js as an alternative, but before I dive head first into another framework i would like to consider other options.
Thanks for your attention.
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2021.10.27 04:04 Privateaccount84 Ahh, true love. [Tasogare Otome x Amnesia]

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2021.10.27 04:04 Might_Dense A quick rapier guide for you guys running it

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2021.10.27 04:04 hE-01 Bombed one task on coding challenge. Any hope?

I just finished Codility code challenge with 4 tasks:

I aced the first three, but tanked the JS one. It was all about directly interacting with the DOM and getting info from table elements by looping over tags. I don't remember any of the stuff I had learned about it however many years ago. Since all the JS stuff I've worked on has used frameworks and had id's or classes to get elements by. Ended up running out of time trying to figure it out.
Anyone have a similar experience and actually get pushed to the next step in the hiring process?
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2021.10.27 04:04 OkPaleontologist5170 Suggest title

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2021.10.27 04:04 galvanism1 where can i get an HD bdsp map?

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2021.10.27 04:04 Hashi118 Relapsed after 18 days :(

After two weeks and four days, I PMO'd and I currently have mixed emotions. I wasn't able to fight a strong ass urge and succumbed to it. I feel bad for myself that I didn't persevere to get through that urge. I felt like I could've resisted stronger. I feel horrible that I was conscious of actively accessing a p*rn site. I should've stopped there, but I failed and PMO'd.
On the bright side, I feel good that on my second time doing NoFap I was able to reach 18 days. I tried No Fap before actively going to this subreddit and reached a measly 5 PMO-free days. I am happy despite all those years of the culmination of such wrong habits, I was able to reach 18 days. Sad, but at the same time, I feel more happy and disciplined than before.
I am able to do more schoolwork, I have the energy and enthusiasm to do things.
I will not wait for NNN and I am going to reset the day counter immediately. I will not keep this a secret and lie to myself that my actions were just "nothing". I am holding myself accountable by posting this. From now on, I will further discipline myself from abstaining from PMO.
The battle has lost but the war has just begun. Fight on, kings!
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2021.10.27 04:04 Avocadoooo_0000 The dog would be the most photogenic no matter who is in the picture

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2021.10.27 04:04 kTam_ Tikka T3X CTR in a Cadex chassis + Ruger PC carbine - the tacticool brothers

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2021.10.27 04:04 Robinjo1985 Sidney Starr Calls Darius McCrary Her "Good Friend," Addresses Lying About Chingy

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2021.10.27 04:04 Reciter5613 Homebase reacts to skins: S.T.A.R.S. Team

Ray: So you guys have experience with zombies?
Chris Redfield: More than you can imagine. The only difference is yours aren't because of a wreckless corporation. They aren't, right?
Ray: I'm pretty sure they are not. Just keep in mind about the mist monsters out there.
Jill Valentine: Yeah, I'm guessing they are your versions of B.O.W.s.
Ray: Do I want to know what those are?
Jill: You do not! Anyway, it would help if Leon was also here.
Chris: We'll be fine. But if you see a sinister-looking guy with shades show up, do not let him in.
Dennis: Uhhh...Ray! There are freaky things outside but they don't seem like mist monsters! There like freaky dogs, a long tounged thing that looked kind of like Gene Simmons, and a giant yellow guy yelling about stars or something.
Chris: We got this!
Jill: Hopefully...
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2021.10.27 04:04 themerrymountain $SNE Liquidity Farm launching TODAY

$SNE Liquidity Farm launching TODAY The #StrongNode $SNE liquidity farm is going live TODAY around 6 p.m. UTC / 2 p.m. EST on Quickswap 📷Get your bags ready, these rewards are going to be juicy. 📷 You will need to add $SNE / $USDC liquidity on quickswap.exchange and join here: https://quickswap.exchange/#/quick
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2021.10.27 04:04 taylor-swift-gifs Such toned legs

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