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MoonCast with Ryan - Part 2

2021.10.27 02:52 Numerous-Estimate443 MoonCast with Ryan - Part 2

Gandalf: Yes, of course! So first of all, hi Ryan, and thanks for everything you actually do. I’m Gandalf. I actually love what you portray and what you bring out, not just in promoting products and bringing features, but also how you are on Twitter. You’re literally just going out and saying what you just have on your mind and that’s actually a pretty good thing - never stop. It’s wonderful. I have two things the community gave me from Twitter and Discord and I tried to figure out the most important questions and I wanted to bring that up to you before we start with the open round. So the first question is:
Q: With the release of V2 coming up and the future additions to the actual contract, without giving something away, will this improve the security of SafeMoon? A: Yes, it will definitely improve the security of SafeMoon because with the V2 contract we’re going to be able to do certain things. With it, for example, if we want to whitelist something and market it safe, if we want to end up blacklisting something because we know that maybe there’s a contract out there that has in the past worked with malevolence or something along the lines of not doing the right thing, then we’ll be able to jump on that and do something it. We’re going to be a lot more flexible. I would say with V2 - and I’m not going to give any timelines. I know that we’ve discussed it and it’s definitely coming - it’s going to be coming here pretty soon. I said we’re on the tail end of it so I mean we’re on the tail end of it. I’m not going to give any hard timelines but I’ll say when you’re looking at something like that that will take a few months to do and we’re on the tail end of it, then that can kind of give you the example of kind of where we’re at. But yes, as far as security goes, it’s going to give us more flexibility.
Gandalf: I think that was a brilliant explanation. Also, kind of a tease, because people will now start and say “What’s the tail of the end?” \laughs** And just to follow up with that questions before I go to the second one, was improving the security on V2 just - not to go into technical because I don’t want to unfold that - uhm… People already had the problem in the past that they invested in various projects before they came into SafeMoon so going into SafeMoon Wallet, which is brilliant and a wonderful project you put out with your team. You actually brought up a product people can rely on and feel and see that the product is not only safe but also visually appealing. In that kind of case, people ask me -
Q: I have invested in so many \sorry for the word** shitcoins in the past and I just cancelled every kind of connection to dapps and I’m secure and I know I’m not connected to any kind of thing. However, I’m holding a very big amount of SafeMoon. Should I take the opportunity in V2 to transfer the SafeMoon away with the 2% or am I secure? A: Got it. So with V2, it depends on how you look at it. Obviously if you can import your wallet, the best way would just be to just import it, right? Because through the wallet we’re going to have an option where people will be able to basically swap their regular SafeMoon for their V2 and it’ll be a one-way swap. So after that happens, you swap and you’ll be able to now show the V2 token within your wallet. We want to implement something similar on the web swap as well so that way there’s other people who may have, you know, other wallets they can connect and they can do it that way as well.
So we’re looking at different ways so that we can get most users to be able to do this seamlessly, rather than just saying “You can only do it through the wallet.” But if they want to transfer and they had no other means to do so, then of course, but I would think that for the most part we’re going to have options that allow people to do it with Wallet Connect if they have another decentralized wallet or that kind of thing. So we’re trying to do the best we possibly can to make sure we have this umbrella over pretty much all of the users that we have.
Even someone - for example, there’s people in Bitconnect right now, but even a transfer from Bitconnect, it’s just - what is it? One million SafeMoon to do that transfer? So even that, that’s not 10%, right? So I think for the most options that we have, they’ll be taken care of.
Gandalf: Ok, that actually clears a lot of things up because I had some kind of a security Twitter Space where I explained that and I actually gave the same thing that you said, that the security is given so people don’t have to get this kind of feeling, people call it paranoia. They think they have to make some kind of a secondary wallet. And whether it’s 10% or 2%, to lose value and in that case, as CatsRUs said, there’s another thing coming up at the horizon which I talked about with the people called allowances. It’s pretty much a permission that you give to several tokens and coins which actually enables whenever you buy or sell a token, right? In that kind of case, there are currently websites around which offer you the possibility to connect your wallet to these websites and actually disconnect that. There are also other wallets that try to give you the possibility to directly cancel that inside the wallet, so you can see which kind of BSC you have in allowance and whatnot.
Q: Do you think that there might be a possibility that at some point the SafeMoon Wallet can implement this kind of method so people don’t have to fear of connecting to unknown websites - to try to cancel these kinds of allowances? A: Definitely an option. I mean, this is the way we see it is if the community wants it badly enough and the value is there, there is no reason why we wouldn’t implement it and put some budget, put some time, put some resources towards it and, you know, integrate it with the wallet. There’s no reason if it makes the product better and it makes it more secure. The only thing where it’s like - we’ve had people wanting twenty different colors for the wallet or there’s people who have asked for different features that maybe just help them in their niche. The way that we see it is if it’s something like what you’re saying and it makes sense for value, user adoption, and security, and we look at the feature and we say, “You know what? This makes total sense. This is what people want, it’s going to bring them back to the wallet, it’s going to make them more secure, and it’s going to make them more comfortable. Why not?
”We have an entire channel dedicated to feature adds and you guys come out with amazing things. Amazing stuff that will only make it better, so we try to go and triage every one we can the best we can and it needs to hit those three things. And if it hits those three things, then we’ll bring it up to the top. As far as allowances go, I’ve actually heard this one before and I believe it’s even in that channel. I think someone added it into the channel already. Right now we’re also looking into multiple wallets, so we’re looking into that, looking into additional chains, really exciting things. And these are all the things that you want to have as a basic foundation for the wallet. But once we get those foundational features, we can start venturing out into different things that make us a lot more different than your garden variety decentralized wallet.
Gandalf: Alright, thanks for answering them, being open about these kinds of features, and for everything you do now.
Ryan: Thanks for your question man. I appreciate it.
Cats: Sweet. Well, we have two guys up here so we’ll just start with Slack if you want to ask your question.
Slack: Ryan, thanks for doing this. We appreciate all the stuff that you are doing for the SafeMoon community. My question is in regards to project management. You strike me as a guy who’s come in and really looked at a 30,000 feet level and I’m looking at this going, “You know, I think Ryan’s our guy for project management, project management experience.” So this is more of a personal question but also a business-related question
Q: When you look at Six Sigma or Total Quality Management, when I look at it I kind of feel like you carry those things that maybe SafeMoon can use to take us and move us forward. What are some of the things you bring to the table as far as that is concerned because I do think that you have it and I think people have seen it but I’m just more curious than anything of what that experience looks like from that standpoint. A: Yeah, so. It’s funny. I can go back a little bit. When I got brought onto Oracle, I was brought on as a business analyst and basically you’re looking at complex problems and then you’re putting everything together into a nice, elegant solution. It’s like a puzzle, you know. You have all these different pieces and all the pieces don’t match or look rigid, but if you take the pieces and you put them together the right way and you make them fit in just the right way, you can make a beautiful picture, right? But it takes time and you have to put the pieces together.
In the back-end with SafeMoon, it’s like we have a beautiful story, a beautiful community, we have a beautiful space, decent DeFi, have beautiful time, and you have an amazing CEO, we have an amazing who other back-end team and there’s a lot of people who are working in the back-end that you guys have never met yet. It’s all these things in place and then it was like okay, now that we have that and now we have the vision of the wallet, how do you put it all together so that when you build all of this stuff you’re able to build on top of it. Well, the first piece was the wallet because if you start coming out with other products, well, your wallet is your home base. That’s the hub.
That’s the very first step in the process, and so, I’m really good at bringing process. I’m a process guy, like that’s how I’ve always been and I can take complex problems and find elegant solutions. I love doing it, I absolutely love doing that. And so it was like okay, we had some things that needed to get done here. We needed to get some people hired for this role. We need to finish this up with the app. There’s a lot of different disconnects. And it was just like okay, this is how we do it. Boom, you hire this person for this role. Okay, we’ve got to bring this guy over here. Within a month we were able to not only push a product but also build the entire process in the back-end and that was the foundation.
Then obviously, being able to do that, you have to hire the right people because it’s a mixture of hard skills and soft skills. Some people might come in and be really really super passionate but they might not have the hard skills yet to get the job done in a short amount of time. But as we grow, those hard skills, we can be a little bit more lenient on and really hire for a lot more soft skills. So, there’s a time and place for everything. For SafeMoon, as it grows, you know - those hard skills, you can kind of pull back a little bit because then you can always train on the job and get people in who are hungry and ready and passionate. It was really just seeing the disconnects, filling those holes, and then, you know - I’ve launched other apps on iOS, on Google Play and on Windows and it was just one of those things where it was like, “We know what we gotta do,” and then we did it.John’s really good at hiring people for the right roles. He knows like, “Okay, hey, this person should be working on this but he should stay out of that lane” or “This person should be working on that and needs to focus on that.” He’s done an amazing job with that. The other thing about John is he allows people to kind of breathe and spread their wings in their role and that’s super super important because, you know, I’m the type of person that...even on Twitter, I’m just myself. Some people say, “Oh, well. Maybe he’s not too professional.”
But the way that I see it, personally, is that if you’re sometimes too professional, you’re holding back a little bit because you’re not letting people have the gift of seeing and knowing who you really are. And sometimes, when you’re too professional, you lose people and you can’t form a good relationship or bond with them. So I’m thankful that John was able to allow me to kind of be myself as well in that regard, and that helped with obviously project management, because I was able to connect with people in the back-end, too, like the dev team.
So there’s a lot of moving parts but, I’ll tell you, SafeMoon, the team as a whole, we got out here where I’m at in Thailand right now and… all I talk about is SafeMoon. And all I talk about is the rock star dev team. I think that anyone listening here knows that we’ve definitely assembled a team that has your best interests and we’re all here to make a difference.
Cats: That sounds...astonishing.
Slack: Appreciate you taking the question and kinda letting us know what the strategy looks like. I think the SafeMoon community has definitely noticed a difference, at least personally I have, so. We appreciate everything you’ve brought to the table, man.
Ryan: Thank you. And you know what, it’s people like you. Every single one of you - it’s hard to hold faith as long as you guys did. I mean, I was a community member too before I even started, you know. I did the Fud Hound stuff and it’s hard to hold faith when you’re getting fired at like we were. And isn’t it a beautiful thing to see it now? Now that we’re pushing product, now that we’ve shown them what we’re capable of and what we can do… it’s a beautiful thing. And we’ll never return back to that spot,but it'll always be a story. It’ll always be a chapter.
Cats: Okay, let’s move on to Baton.
Baton: Thanks Cats, thanks Ryan. I appreciate being able to ask my question today.
Q: I was just kind of curious, out of all the things that you know SafeMoon is working on, knowledge base or just projects being worked on on the back-end, just for an idea of the scope of how far the tentacles of SafeMoon are reaching out globally, what percent would you say of all that knowledge, projects and everything else involving SafeMoon is actually known to the public? A: I would say, ooh… Okay, I’m gonna answer your question and I’m going to answer it with only what I know, because believe it or not, there are things that are being worked on that even I don’t know and that’s by design. That’s because there are other teams working on other stuff that I’m not privy to. But if I were to shoot in the dark and say just from what I know, I would say maybe... 15%?
Because there are other projects that are being worked on that are much bigger in scope and if I’m going to talk about the workload, I mean, huge. If I’m going to look at it and estimate it by workload, resources, and time, I would even say 10%. There are some really big overarching, long term plans, and then there’s software-based like the products that I touch that I know are very large and that have not even been mentioned at all. So there’s definitely things going on, definitely, you know - and some of that stuff we’re getting closer to pulling the curtain. But… I would say 10-15%.
Cats: I think the last one is Crypto, and then we’ll wrap it up. I know it’s late there for you so we’ll try to wrap it up quickly.
Crypto Control: I’d like to do the same style Cats did and just rapid fire some questions. These are from my audience, it wasn’t me
Q: What does the status bar mean in your profile photo on Twitter?
A: Oh man, you’re putting me on the spot. Okay so, funny, it took a while for you guys to figure out what was going on. I believe it was Safemoon Joe was the first one to talk about it. So I put that up right in the beginning, and it’s slowly been loading the progress bar. So that is SafeMoon Connect. That’s all I’ll say.
Q: Is that bar for it being done, or revealed to the public as to what it is?
A: A little bit of both, I’d say.
Q: I miss FudHound videos. Maybe one day down the road could you create a video of your SafeMoon journey with the team?
A: That would be fun, that would be very cool. It’s funny, just two days ago, there was a video that I had finished but hadn't uploaded it yet. I had told John that I’m gonna hang my hat, because we’re so busy with working on product and there are so few hours in the day, but there was one video I had left that I hadn’t put up yet, that I was thinking about putting up. Maybe I’ll put it up sometime as a fun one. But, since the fud - when I came on, we were being attacked from every angle. Now, personally, I feel like the Fud Hound, attacking fud for what it was, is not needed as much anymore. I mean, there’s going to be some fud out there, but I think that as a community, we banded together and we’ve eradicated most of it. Whatever that served at that point in time, we’ve definitely grown from it. It’s really exciting because now we can really focus. Could be, if i did throw something up though, it would just be something fun.
Q: Is there any way to secure the wind turbines from getting stolen since they are small and one person can set it up?
A: That I cannot speak on, only because I am not privy to some of that stuff. That’s more of a John question.
Q: Do we need to do something to use the SafeMoon Wallet to complete the consolidation two clicks. I was planning to shift my bag to the SafeMoon Wallet after consolidation.
A: We’re trying to do it two ways. We’re going to have the web swap with a portal there where people can connect their decentralized wallets. So we’re gonna have options for people so they don’t have to be pigeon-holed into one product.
Q: One of my viewers was curious if you are singleA: I have a fiancee, Gina. She’s here in Thailand with me. We’re not going to be here for much longer as our visas are going to be running out soon. So we’ll be heading back to the States pretty soon. So she’s here, and she’s a huge supporter, huge rock. I can go on and on, but uh… taken.
Cats: Appreciate everyone coming in and listening to Ryan express his passion for this project. There’s a lot of stuff that I wasn't too caught up on, especially that 15%, that’s blowing my mind a little bit. And that’s only what you know, so that’s even crazier .Imagine what that percentage would be if we asked John.
Ryan: Exactly. That's just what I know. John has a full bird’s eye view of everything. I know how long the projects on the back-end have taken, they’ve taken a long time. One of the products has taken over two years to build and it’s in the back-end and you guys have no idea what it is. So, this gives you an example of some of the serious time this stuff has been cooking for the SafeMoon ecosystem. That should give you some comfort in knowing, don’t worry, there’s a lot of stuff still coming out, the wallet is not the only thing, and we’re working on these things in unison. We have to make sure we do this right. From a project management standpoint, you don’t want to launch a product before that product is built in a way that can be utilized in the ecosystem. By that I mean - say for encryption, we don’t want to launch that other product until the encryption is taken care of. Because then you’re going to have to go back and make sure everything is uniform. Once you have that foundation, then everything is easier for all the products. It’s a nice process, a formal way of doing things. Everything we’re doing, even the features we’re rolling out, it’s thought out extensively. Everything is very strategic.As much as I want to scream to the world about what we have and what we’re working on, I can’t and that's the hard part. It’s so hard. It fires me. It’s like trying to keep a secret, like say your sister’s pregnant, and you’re the only one that knows and you can’t tell your family, it’s like that where it’s like you want to say something but you can't. It will come... in due time, it will come.
Cats: Awesome, awesome. I appreciate you staying around a little bit longer than we originally planned. Hopefully, once you are back in the States we’ll be able to have these more consistently and start to see your development process with how things have happened with different products as they are announced and released. I appreciate you tuning in.
Ryan: Thank you and I appreciate you guys. Every single one of you. I appreciate you for having me on here and being able to speak to all of the amazing community members. Pat yourselves on the back because you guys are awesome and, you know, keep the faith because our cups are full over here. We won’t stop. We’ll keep moving forward and nothing can get in our way.
Cats: Perfect! I hope once the Utah building is done and we’re all sitting around, we can have a drink and say the hard work’s been done. I can’t wait for that moment.
Ryan: I’m in \laughs**
Cats: Everyone, thank you for tuning in. This has been MoonCast 12. Next week, we’ll be back on Sunday as normal. Still waiting to find out if there’s a SafeMoon Sunday, so as soon as we have that information I’m sure the Twitter will put it out there. We’ll see everyone on Sunday!

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Would he say something like, "I see us as the greatest power in the world"? Would he give a canned answer and not actually give a shit?
I'm asking because I'm curious about the reaction to in-roads arguing that North Korea does much better, and is a much bigger power in the world in 30 years, if it were to begin to adopt similar economic politics to its neighbor China. I tend to think that concentrating on changing the Government or trying to push democratic reform ideas concentrates on the less important of the two things. Let Kim Jong-Un and the communist party keep their power, but try to convince them that they will be forever behind and weaker because of their economic policies.
Does that at all work? As I asked, does Kim Johg-Un even care? Would he be prevented from making such reforms even if he wanted to by the power complex?
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Speed: B Range: B Stamina: A Precision: A Development Potential: E (Because I'm Perfect Already~)
ACID QUEEN's passive ability, WELCOME TO THE INTERNET, allows the STAND to digitally process and manifest items and weapons to attack or defend. One main use is creating an acid shield, instantly melting and destroying projectiles or attempted attacks.
ACID QUEEN's main ability, ROBOT ROCK, forms copies that can act according to Noelle's wishes. The copies can overwhelm, distract, defend, or aid each other in combat. The maximum number of copies is limited by Noelle's concentration.
ACID QUEEN's ultimate ability requires a long charging time. HELLO WORLD, is an attack where ACID QUEEN drives a heel into the ground, infusing Noelle's determination into creating a Neo Dark Fountain.
"Please Kris, Susie, I don't want to fight you anymore. But if you don't want the perfect world Queen will create...then..."
*Smells like acid-flavored internet searches
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I had developed itchy red spots down the sides of my face and chin. I had to stop using my AHA and my tretinoin after tolerating it well for over a year.
I tried the mildest eczema cleansers and moisturisers but over months it only got worse.
I read on a thread that was is called fungal acne is itchy and often the sides of the face. Not actually acne at all, but an imbalance of the yeast that lives in everyone’s skin.
So I found some broad spectrum fungal cream with low dose cortisone (already in my bathroom from a long time ago not for myself) and started using it morning and night. I was so desperate! Well the itch has almost gone after just a few days and so have the spots. Today, I bought over the counter Daktarin( miconazole nitrate) to get out of the cortisone use . I’m hoping that this is going to be my fix. The box says to use for up to 5 weeks. Online advice from a dermatologist says the same. It can be caused by sweating ( gym) and not showering immediately after. That’s the only thing I can imagine gave it to me. I don’t immediately shower at the gym, but I will now, and I’ll definitely splash my face well before I leave the gym . Although I had my long hair ( always worn up) cut into a chin length Bob . Maybe the hair on my gym face was a bad combination? Anyway I just thought I would mention it in case it helps someone out. My skin hasn’t been this clear and calm for a very long time. I hope it’s not just the cortisone giving me a false reading. Has anyone else had an issue like mine resolved with this?
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