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The Stars align! Ch 2

2021.10.27 03:46 ransomUsername The Stars align! Ch 2

As usual, all credit goes to the right honourable u/bluefishcake who created this setting, none of this is canon, yadda yadda yadda.... enjoy!
I will try to make uploads more consistent as time goes on, but it all depends on my motivation. (Yes, I know this chapter's a bit short, but motivation and creativity is lacking at the moment.) And don't worry, next chapter will most likely have more purps again.
Here's chapter 1

A few hours had passed and Eirlis and her troops had left again. Maik was sitting in his cell again, both doors held open by furniture so he wouldn't get trapped. "I'm finally out, old man...." he mumbled, sitting next to a closed door deeper inside. "Wish you could've lived to see it as well. So now what? I'm legally dead, literally everyone who knows I'm here is.... oh, right. You don't know about the invasion yet. Happened around a year after you died, a bunch of aliens showed up out of nowhere, blew up pretty much everything military from orbit and declared we were part of their empire now. People aren't happy about that of course, some went underground, formed resistance movements. I think it was somewhere over in America, someone shot one of their newly instated governors."
"Anyway," he sighed, "they're here now, not much we can do about that. To make matters ..... not worse, but definitely interesting, most of them are these, like, 7 feet tall amazons. Doesn't help their public image that some of them are decidedly too agressive in their flirting. I mean I kinda understand them, apparently men are like 1 in 8 or something like that and most of them tend to stay at home with the family. Anyway..... one of their security patrols came in today, looks like someone reported a possible resistance cell around here, now I'm the only one left in here.... gonna make this into a comfy little home for myself."
Maik got up again, stretched and groaned. "Man.... I've been sitting here for too long. Should probably get some dinner started. Maybe tomorrow I'll head out into civilization again. And don't worry, I'll continue what you started. One day, we will truly understand how all of this works."With everything said for now, he left the empty cell and closed the doors behind him.
In the middle of the night, he suddenly shot up in his bed and almost fell flat on his face as he rushed to find something to write down what he had just seen. Maik wasn't sure why the symbols that had appeared in his dream were important, he just knew that they were. It was the same feeling he had when he woke up on his 17th birthday and first discovered his new talents.
He stumbled through the hallways, more asleep than awake, concentrating as hard as he could to not forget his dream. Finally, after a few minutes he found something and started drawing them. It wasn't until he was almost done with the last one that he actually noticed what he was doing. Drawn on the moonlit blackboard in front of him were twelve intricate runes; they looked exactly as he had them in his memory, but something wasn't right.....
A moonlit blackboard? Maik didn't remember seeing one in the complex, let alone windows to let in moonlight. The whole thing was underground after all. So where was he? Looking around, the room did look very familiar and so did the view out of the window. Suddenly, it struck him. He was standing in his old classroom, from the time before he had been taken into the mountain complex. With that revelation came another one. The entire complex was supposed to be cut off from the flow of magic, so him ending up here could only mean one thing: Something had damaged or destroyed the 'containment field', most likely his alien saviours.
Speaking of it, he recalled one of them reporting that several rooms had been rigged to blow up when they had tried to force their way into them. Maybe one of them had been holding a component of whatever generated the 'anti magic field'. Maik hoped, prayed even, that one of them also held the databanks and other important documents. They would have helped him with his research into the arcane, but he most certainly did not want them in the hands of the Shil.
Returning his attention to the matter at hand, it was clear that the runes could not remain here. Thankfully, that was not an issue anymore. He concentrated briefly, took a step forward, and suddenly he stood within the complex again. "Still got it!" He exclaimed, "now to find out what these symbols mean and do...." A few minutes of searching later, he stood in the classroom again, copying the runes onto a clipboard. Once he was done, he wiped them off the blackboard again, returned to his home and decided to head to bed again. The night was still young and the day had been very eventful after all.
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Siberian Breaks
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2021.10.27 03:46 popcornwall69 Shes not over me either

Thought she blocked me for like 3 months already
And now i see the fake accounts popping up and its her looking at what she comments on my posts
Dumb bitch
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2021.10.27 03:46 MagedNagy When was the last time we had a legend with unique abilities, not just a variation of another legend’s

Seer One of my biggest grudges against seer, other than how meta shattering op he was on launch ,was how much his abilities are a variation of bloodhound’s and crypto’s.
Tactical: instead of being a semi-circle, seer’s is a tunnel. It also reveals scanned enemies longer, shows their health, and interrupts heeling and res.
Ultimate: it’s a play on crypto’s drone. Instead of being a camera with limited fov, it’s a huge dome. But to compromise it, it only shows enemies through there footsteps and movement.
Ash Now that Ash has been announced, I have noticed the same pattern recurring.
Tactical: it’s kinda similar to Horizon’s ultimate, as in it tethers you and also deal damage. As a compromise it only affects one enemy and be much shorter.
Ultimate: that’s just Wraith’s ultimate. But you don’t need to go all the way to to place the portal’s end; just point and teleport. As a compromise, it will only go one way.
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My interests are arts and crafts (quilling, sewing, quilting, knitting) Outdoorsy stuff, jigsaw puzzles, books.
Actually I'm just a nerd but yeah DM me if you're 14-16 And have nothing better to do with your time
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2021.10.27 03:46 smallsneakyhelpless First gig with older CDJs

High all,
I am djing an event this weekend and found out that the party is using CDJ 2000s NOT the Nexus version. No sync, no beatjump. I have an RX-2 and am used to that and XDJS. If I concentrate very hard and take my time, I can beat match reasonably using jog mode(can't do it with vinyl for some reason). I am very, very nervous and worried obviously but hoping I can pull it off, and honestly eager to take the training wheels off. My biggest worry is that my cue points/beatgrid won't work right, also that I won't be able to visually confirm that waves are lining up. Also, are the tag/playlist/key searches similiar to Nexus series? Any words of advice?
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the struggle is real. the anxiety is bad. i hate maths and my mum is mad.
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2021.10.27 03:46 Willbertoboyo Help? Is it a date or not?

Good friends going to a show
Hi people, yesterday I was asked if I was free today to go see a show with a friend to support a friend of ours who’s starring in the show (it’s a theatre piece) I said yes of course!
Just to give some context I have been friends with both these women for around 2 years. The girl who asked me to go with her I’ve always had a thing for, but have been to nervous or frighten to approach that way. We get on really well our personality’s really bounce off each other and we always talk complete insanity jibberish but some how it’s always my most enjoyable conversations.
Your probably asking why am I writing here? It seems so obvious go for it! We are going with eachother tonight! But I’m nervous and can’t shake the feeling she just sees me as a safe guy friend. I’m also scared that I might ruin one of the most pure friendships I’ve ever had! Am I catastrophising? Or are these genuine concerns? Plus silly question but how do I know if she sees this as a date?
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