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Cricket Wireless $25 off for new customers

2021.10.27 04:13 bakatenshi Cricket Wireless $25 off for new customers
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2021.10.27 04:13 unbulgaredehumus Orban: Iohannis poate ajunge în situaţia de a-i fi contestat mandatul dacă perpetuează artificial criza

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2021.10.27 04:13 oliwardcomics I make a comic about a Knights Templar crusader and his hot hacker gf

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2021.10.27 04:13 beybabooba B.b.but.. but they taste good

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2021.10.27 04:13 Autismic123 what is going on in czechia

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2021.10.27 04:13 foules0005 El té verde

Lo que podemos hacer es nada ante este loco mercado
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2021.10.27 04:13 SlavaChvi Who won the World Series’ first game?

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2021.10.27 04:13 DavidWallace_CFO Hundreds of Ancient Maya Sites Hidden Under Mexico Reveal a Mysterious Blueprint

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2021.10.27 04:13 Asleep_Cranberry5750 (Long Story) I broke up with my fiancé tonight. Tell me I’m not an idiot

Throw away account) So I (38) just broke up with my fiancé (34F) tonight and I need you’ll to tell me I did the right thing. I’ve talked with my friends and family and Ofcourse they’re going standby my side.
Here’s the timeline
Started dating last December had 4 amazing dates that lasted for hours just talking and sharing life. She had to go back to Nashville for some work around Christmas time and was only going to be gone for three weeks. The entire time over the holidays we were FaceTiming and right in the new year she introduced me to her two daughters over FaceTime.
January: she stayed in Nashville in part because of Covid, work and ex-husband was dragging his feet in letting the kids come back to Los Angeles. We spent the entire time FaceTime for hours every night and talking. Because of Covid restrictions out here in Los Angeles, I wasn’t able to fly out there to see her. We became “official” this month and so on.
February: She had to come back to LA because she was the maid of honor for her best friends wedding and asked me if I would be her date and ofcourse I said yes! She flies into town the night before Valentines and that’s the first time we made love and the following day she met my kids for the first time. Showered them with gifts. Leading up to the wedding she informs me to not make the bride to be jealous I can’t attend the rehearsal dinner or the brunch the next day, even though everyone is bringing a date. I thought it was a little weird, but whatever. The bride is a mess to begin with.
March: She is back in Nashville still trying to move back here and such, I’m flying out there every weekend by myself or with my kids to see each her. I flew out there to meet her mom for the first time and one night when we were in the car I saw her texting the guy that she broke up with and blocked right before our first date. She told me she had no clue how he got unblocked in his phone and he was offering to pick her up for breakfast the next day. She threatened to breakup with me right there for looking at her phone while she was texting.
April: still flying out there every weekend, but now I’m planning to propose. I work with her kids in planning the engagement, I got a custom ring designed, made memory books with our story and included pages about each child in it. Had signs made for pictures the whole nine.
A week before the proposal she got made at me for not telling her something about one of her friends that involves the industry that we both work in, I didn’t bring it up, because I didn’t want to to get in the middle and just seemed unnecessary. When I told her she became enraged, hung up on me and disappeared for a few hours, called me back accusing me of some very weird things, threatened that she was going to go sleep with a guy that night and another guy the next night. I finally got her to calm down and everything was fine.
Proposal goes off without any problems or so I thought. The night of the engagement at the hotel that I booked rooms for everyone she was in her room with her BFF and kids crying because she wasn’t happy with the engagement, this lasted all night and I was ghosted for three days. Told me I got the wrong Diamond cut (she changed her mind three times on the Diamond type she wanted, told me the books and stuff I created meant nothing and that I was basically trying to create a brand. Told me my ring was shit.
May: is my birthday month, she started planning with my mom on what do for my birthday and she was going to fly out to see me (she’s still in Nashville), her and my mom get into a disagreement and now she stops planning my birthday dinner and won’t tell me if she still going to fly out, because she is mad at my mom. Which isn’t hard to do. I told her just fly out there be present for the dinner and you won’t have to see her the rest of the time you’re in town. Three days before she arrives she tells me she is flying out to see me. Her favorite holiday is Mother’s Day and I flew out there for the day to hang with her and her girls, had a great time, the next day I’m getting ready to leave and right after we had made love she starts up with me because she didn’t want my kids with my mom (still mad) and she found out that a few days before they were with her. The whole drive to the airport she is screaming at me, took the ring off threw at me and said we are done. 20 minutes later pulls the car over yells at me for drinking a Red Bull and we get back together. A week later she’s back in Nashville she gets mad at me for talking to her friend about her upcoming move back her, called me for 30 seconds to cuss me out, turned off her location and canceled our weekend together. When she resurfaced a few days later she told me that she was praying on top of mountain for God to give her strength to continue this relationship and accused me of having a separate Instagram that she didn’t know about (which I don’t) , at this point is when I learn that she has a private Instagram that she won’t let me see or tell me what she is posting on it. Says it’s for work stuff.
June: Still in Nashville and I’m still flying out there every weekend. Now I’m going to her child’s graduation party. Party was more than fine, after the party she meets me at the hotel and starts unloading on me about my kids and my mom. Things don’t end well and the next morning she is still mad at me. But things calm down and we try to have a great weekend. I met her ex husband for the first time, seemed like a very nice guy and she wasn’t happy with how I acted with him, I joked around with him about life and she wanted me to be serious.
This summer: Finally she is starting to fly back out to LA to see me and she’s starting to get my house in order for her and her kids. My ex-wife wants to meet her and shows up as planned to pick up the kids, she refuses to come out of the house to meet her. I finally lose my temper in this relationship and told her that wasn’t cool, and that was the first time she openly criticized my daughter calling her rude and disrespectful (she’s 7) and told me that I need to get her checked because she might be bipolar. She gets on a plane and heads back to Nashville, every-time she comes to town, she starts not wanting to see my friends, gets mad that I don’t give her enough of a notice that friends are coming over.
She’s telling me that my kids (son & daughter) don’t need to have their own rooms because her daughters want to share a room and it’s only fair to put my son and daughter in the same room, even thought we have enough rooms for all the kids to have their own room. I disagreed and she took off the ring again. Things calm down rings goes back on and we decide that maybe she should just find her own place and when we get married we will move in there. She flies home again and I’m in charge of finding her house for her. I obviously don’t do it right, scheduling conflicts and traffic I missed a few appointment and she’s telling me how all the guys she dated before me our real men and I’m not and they would have come through for her with finding a house.
Find her a place, she signs the lease and they move out her at the end of summer. During this time, my mom catches Covid goes on a ventilator and things are very ugly. The morning that she is moving into her house, I have the worst stomach pain ever, I help her move into her house. The next day go to the ER and my appendix is rupturing and need surgery asap. She is contacted by the hospital, she notifies my brother and my dad, she showed up to the hospital 2 hours after the surgery, my brother had been there the whole time and was wondering where my fiancé was.
At home recovering from surgery for about a week, it’s my time to take custody of my children and she doesn’t want me to do that because I’m not fully recovered and a few weeks prior my kids were exposed and quarantined because of Covid. This is when she called them monsters and brats, she had my car while I was in recovery because rightfully so she didn’t want me driving. She left me in my house for 24 hours without any food or a vehicle with my kids, ghosted me during this time and then finally the next day text me and says “your car is at my house and you can come pick it up”. I Uber with my kids over to get my car and that night. She calls me and tells me that she thinks my kids are still exposed to Covid and I must quarantine from her for 10 days. Then she ghosted me again for two days, turns off her location on her phone. The next time we talk she calls me to tell me that she is breaking up with me because she saw me on Instagram with my brother at a restaurant and I was being reckless because I might have Covid. I said ok I’m coming over to pick up the ring, she backtracks. I’m now done with this relationship and just trying to figure out how to get out.
I go back to the doctor for a post surgical appointment and they tell me that they found cancer in my appendix and surgery is required and chemo is on the table, I call her and all she replies with is, you need to move into my place this weekend, because if you need chemo I’ll take care of you. Same afternoon tells me that I don’t need to be calling my family and friends telling them what is going on that I need to talk with her about it and come up with a plan. At this time as well she told me that she wasn’t going to take my last name when we get married around Christmas because she wants to keep her last name from her first marriage for her kids and she doesn’t want to be associated with my mom and she has always hated my last name.
Final straw: She snaps on me about my mom because after 78 days mom is off the ventilator in rehab and will be home for the holidays, and she informs me that she is still mad at my mom and she is only giving my family 40 minutes for each holiday. Attacks my kids again. I tell her that she needs to watch her mouth and temper and then she starts up with the same verbal attacks that she has done for almost a year. I’m a loser, she hates her shitty ring, I fucked up the engagement, she could do better than me, I have a tiny Dick, I’m not a good father, etc. i told her that she has never apologized for the stupid things she says and her response was “I only get this mad because of you. If you would change I wouldn’t get this mad and speak the truth to you”. Our entire relationship was me always asking her to watch what she says to me.
So tonight I ended it and just told her that I think we are on different pages and I won’t have a sit down conversation with her girls and I blocked her.
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2021.10.27 04:13 ReaPeR_the_mighty Imagem found on the newest Animations, any idea what it is?

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2021.10.27 04:13 Drsemir Pixel 6 unlimited Google Photos backup?

Does the Pixel 6 offer unlimited google photos backup like its predecessors? I couldn’t find anything online or in any of the reviews.
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2021.10.27 04:13 PriangshuPaul What's the deal with grey sweatpants?

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2021.10.27 04:13 eushturkEy e bi karar verin amına koyim

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2021.10.27 04:13 Correct_Ad_7649 Beating doge!!! Let’s gooooo 🚀🚀🌕

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2021.10.27 04:13 Agar_agar_binx The way my dog has chewed away at this bone

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2021.10.27 04:13 ghiblix BLOO - 2nd LP [MOON AND BACK] (Tracklist)

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2021.10.27 04:13 Veeram94 ASC members

RANT Is anyone else here tired of ASC members, no license, no higher pay, just regular tier 1’s like 75% of us going around acting high and mighty? I literally don’t care how I talk to them at this point lol they come up to people with bad attitudes in the 3 buildings I’ve worked at, but they themselves aren’t even good examples. They don’t have their hair up, don’t have on safety shoes, huddle up with their friends since Covid isn’t officially over. Like that role needs to disappear lol they need to just hire only safety people who are certified.
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2021.10.27 04:13 Vietdude100 Happened few weeks ago. But this is my most embarrassing moment on the job. Dispatch suddenly radioed me during my emotional moment

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2021.10.27 04:13 Robthatguy Working on a glow in the dark bali for raves called truu glow

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2021.10.27 04:13 DeliciousChard3 Can anyone tell me what’s growing out of my Alocasia pink dragon?

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2021.10.27 04:13 PawgAdjudicator2 @tauany_almeida

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2021.10.27 04:13 DJSparta HALLOWFORGE DAY 27: Ghost. It was either this or Call of Duty.

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2021.10.27 04:13 Environmental-Fig784 Changing belt names and promotions?

Anyone know if it is possible and how to move a belt from one promotion into another switching it with that promotions and change the names for the belts?
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2021.10.27 04:13 pepeizq [Gamesplanet] F1 2021 - Standard Edition • 38% • 31,88 €

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2021.10.27 04:13 mstanciu552 Octave and Matlab cmp sources

I wrote some simple sources for Octave and Matlab.
These should be the very basics. It would be great if I could get help with documentation and such.
I'm open to any Issues or PRs. Here are the repos.
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