[F4F] Killing Eve- LF Villanelle [25+]

2021.09.16 22:47 uglyybarnacle [F4F] Killing Eve- LF Villanelle [25+]

Seeking a long term Villanelle to my Eve. Lit/Semi Lit (300-500 words+), third person, discord. Healthy mix of plot and ERP. OOC chat/friendship optional, but nice. Trial scene (preferred) or writing sample required.
About me: 31F, RPing off and on since AOL chatrooms. It is a hobby of mine and since time is limited, I want an experienced partner with exceptional writing skills. Real life comes first but ideally you can post once per day or, at minimum, several times per week.
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2021.09.16 22:47 Bert_no_ernie For your industry, what do customers spend money on that’s actually just a rip-off?

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2021.09.16 22:47 SoulsborneFangirl F4A (Playing GM or F) partner search.

Hey hey everyone! If your reading this then you want to find a new roleplay partner on discord. Everyone is 18+ and everyone in the roleplay will be 18+ only wanting 18+ people.
Well, here’s my application! I hope you can put the same amount of effort into your starting message (no chats please) as I have to this.
About me: I’m over eighteen, I’ve been roleplaying and writing for over sixteen years and I have specific tastes, like having friendships outside of the roleplay so it makes roleplaying easier & alot more fun for both party’s. I am literate, detailed and can roleplay multiple characters on rare occasions, I expect the same from you. (The literacy and detailed parts. Roleplaying multiple characters is not a MUST however I do appreciate a good GM.) I’m a chill and flirty person when it comes to outside of roleplay, i call people nicknames and flirt (not literally) outside of the roleplay in OOC. I like making private servers to organise and roleplay in different channel’s. I do not mind making our own story or doing fandoms. (For fandoms look below) if we do a fandom roleplay then I don’t want self insert oc’s / characters for your ships. (That’s just- no.)
My fandoms: For anime~ (hearts are what I’m looking for right now.) - Attack on Titan - My hero academia - Rosario vampire - The Iron fortress - Hellsing / Hellsing Ultimate - Castlevania - Kakegurui - Demon slayer - Sword art online / SAO - Highschool DxD - Tokyo ghoul - Violet Evergarden - Beastars (❤️) - Akame Ga Kill! - Infinite Statos (❤️) - Anything else you can suggest!
For games~ (hearts are what I’m looking for right now.) - Minecraft - fortnite (despite the memes it has interesting lore.) - GTA (whole series) - Legend of Zelda (whole series) (❤️) - Cyberpunk 2077 - Resident evil (whole series) (especially Village.) - World of Warcraft. - The Last of us / The Last of us II. (❤️) - Overwatch (❤️) - Mass effect - Red Dead Redemption / Red Dead Redemption II - League of Legends - The Elder Scrolls Skyrim - Half-life - The Witcher (game series) - Assassin’s Creed (game series) - Star War’s Jedi: Fallen order. (❤️) - Spider man (games) - Portal / Portal 2 - Halo - Doom / Doom Eternals - Dark souls / Dark souls II / Dark souls III (❤️) (❤️) (❤️) !!! - Demon souls (❤️) (❤️) (❤️) - Bloodborne (❤️) (❤️) (❤️) - Sekiro Shadow’s die twice (❤️) (❤️) (❤️) )❤️) - Detroit Become Human (❤️) - Heavy Rain - Beyond: Two souls (❤️) - Destiny / Destiny II (❤️) - Warhammer 40k - Gears of war (whole series) - Anything else you can suggest!
Well now you know! (I won’t bother listing my tv shows / movies as they aren’t much, GOT & HP. Now that you know, I hope you enjoyed reading and will message me!
(Remember: have discord and have a good day.)
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2021.09.16 22:47 TheMayMayMakers It’s a mess back there, (Post by u/RegularNoodles)

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2021.09.16 22:47 scapedrag7 Need Advice Choosing!

Hello, I received an offer from Deloitte for the tech analyst position in RFA. I also received an offer from PwC for their tech associate consulting position (5k higher salary + higher bonus). Both job descriptions are really similar, however PWC has a higher percentage of travel (80% compared to 50%). I don't mind traveling but I would not want to travel every week. I know that this decision is up to me; but if anyone can offer me advice, I would greatly appreciate it. I was looking online and it seems like consulting is more hours and travel, but due to the pandemic I think that's calming down a bit. The salary is non-negotiable as its entry level. Thanks!
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2021.09.16 22:47 Hot_Independence_433 Doing an animation andd Editing Q and A then come join if interested

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2021.09.16 22:47 BiggerNutthole So close

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2021.09.16 22:47 zzZZUEZZzz W:B50c / B25ffr / Q25 Enclave Rifles H:Caps or Flux

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2021.09.16 22:47 TammiBelaruse88 Selling ticket to Tulsa game Section 38A, DM if interested!

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2021.09.16 22:47 shootingbot Midway: Nosler Match Grade Ammunition 223 Remington 77 Grain Custom Competition Match Box of 20 (1.20/rd)

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2021.09.16 22:47 Brilliant_Ordinary_2 Anyone else having this issue?

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2021.09.16 22:47 l_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_l (+6778) Pattern emerges in the flash photography

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2021.09.16 22:47 kamarose10 Which position looks better on a resume?

Almost turning 20, never had an internship in my life. I'm majoring in Health Science Informatics, the end goal is to do computer stuff with healthcare stuff (basically).
Currently I work at a Walgreens pharmacy. I think its a good door-opener because it's related to healthcare, but the day-to-day stuff is more "retail" than "healthcare", if that makes sense. It's a 2 min commute, the hours fit my school schedule perfectly, but we're shortstaffed to the bone and I want to get off the ship before it sinks. "Pharmacy Technician" looks pretty sexy on a resume though.
I was thinking of becoming a lifeguard (I used to be certified but never got a job, gotta get certified again but its not that hard). Better pay, more fulfilling responsibilities, I get to yell at people instead of having people yell at me. But it's not a job related to healthcare, and I dont know if "Lifeguard" looks good on a resume if I was applying to a healthcare job.
Hospital pharmacy tech is not an option because most require PTCB cert and/or years of full time retail experience.
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2021.09.16 22:47 clintseed "Streamer mental health check!" messages when streaming

I've noticed recently there's been an increase in messages in my chat that look like this:
"Streamer mental health check!! How are you doing today streamer?!"
Are these bots? I reply to these messages but never get an answer and they seem to have been increasing in volume as of late. I'm not worried but just wondering what the idea is behind them if anyone knows.
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2021.09.16 22:47 AssCrackage NNDM Fabrica Group in Chicago - Kicking Ass & Taking Names

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2021.09.16 22:47 OmniAthlete Paint Overspray

Wife must have ran over some fresh white road paint. I’m newer to detailing but have stumped several shops on how to get this out. I’ve tried alcohol, decontamination spray, and clay bars. I have contemplated buying a polisher but I fear it will swirl the effected area (hood, entire front bumper and headlights) like crazy. Any recommendations?
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2021.09.16 22:47 Xemiph1 Can I transfer BON tickets to my Uncles?

I have to miss the Akron game, and I was wondering if I could just transfer my BON ticket to them or if they wouldnt be let in since they arent students.
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2021.09.16 22:47 JohanneN98 Do these glasses suit me? :)

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2021.09.16 22:47 lurdakopse How To Get eBay Coupon

Here is the How To Get eBay Coupon
Really good site if you are looking for coupon codes. You can find most stores deals, coupons, deals on there.
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2021.09.16 22:47 vikunja BestSecret invitation code!(automatically the Silver status)

Hello, here is your personal invitation link to become a member of the exclusive fashion community BestSecret. Simply click to register and start shopping!
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2021.09.16 22:47 Admirable_Rooster_92 BODY - Now’s the time to get in.

It’s not a get rich quick stock, so prepare to buy and hold. Here are a few reasons to buy: It’s rated a buy/strong buy at 1/2 of the analysts’ price target; Trading at half its price target (potential 100% gain from here); Revenue: $223.1 million, +2% YoY (source: last earnings) Revenue adjusted for Myx: $237.3 million, +8.5% YoY (source: last earnings) Digital-specific revenue: $94.3 million, +20% YoY (source: last earnings) Digital subscribers: 2.7 million, +13% YoY (source: last earnings) Cash: $347.2 million (source: last earnings) 20+ year company; Almost $1B in annual revenue; No debt; Nice institutional interest and at least two billionaires involved at higher entry prices; International expansion coming; MYX bike is out and starting to be realized this quarter; Great subscription-based business model with Beachbody on Demand; BODi finalizing beta testing (first workout-group type model); OpenFit getting great looks from the recent Lebron commercial; Social media campaign is going strong; High fail to deliver rates; Starting to see commercials, even on Monday Night Football.
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2021.09.16 22:47 TurtlBR1 Yes

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2021.09.16 22:47 HzUzunAdam Bannerlord Multiplayer Experience

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2021.09.16 22:47 chickenjulia How to deal with a phobia

Hi! So I've had a very bad needle phobia for years now. Talking about or just hearing the word makes my heart race and I start shaking, I often get panic attacks.Writing the word nearly made me have one. So I used to be able to deal with it but now there is corona and people just won't shut up about vaccines and it is killing me. Does anyone have ANY advice?
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2021.09.16 22:47 Medical_Caterpillar8 Even more problems with my truck

Check my other posts to be more up to date (I drive a 2008 Ford F-150) but now I have three codes P0306 P0453 C0302 I’ve completely replaced my coil packs and plugs so idk why the misfire is there. Any ideas before I just say fuck it and pay a mechanic to look into it?
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