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Forgotten conman movie with a twist

2021.09.17 00:50 mildlyTrashy Forgotten conman movie with a twist

A movie i watched a long time ago, i can't remember the details, but it's about this guy who cons people, for one day under circumstances i don't remember, he had to move together with another guy, trough the movie they're going around tricking people, by the end of the movie he faced some kind of retribution, the twist is the guy who joined him(portrayed as some kind of pushover), was the one who orchestrated his downfall, at the end we see all the players who interacted with the con-artist through the day, were all in this play to bring him down
for some reason i keep remembering the con-artist was portrayed by will ferrell, but i couldn't find the movie in his filmography
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2021.09.17 00:50 Prophii New patch abusers getting free win

MATCH ID: 6183610381
First game of the new big update, and they done something i don't know, 16 tome on ember 9 tome on earth sprit , and earth spirit also started the game with 5 obs wards. What a great way to lose game , but it's free game no bitchingxd

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2021.09.17 00:50 FigAdministrative571 Fema grant sauce and Snapchat hack method going for mad low$$ hmu

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2021.09.17 00:50 Smirlface Uxie on me will add first 9 people

Post friend code and I’ll add
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2021.09.17 00:50 dearlivejournal NOTJUSTAPHASE EPISODE 28: An interview with Larry Records cohosted by David Norman of Zegema Beach Records

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2021.09.17 00:50 Wrexfoster05 Gushers strain! It has strong euphoric effects. Hope you dig my cover art!

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2021.09.17 00:50 Squllcrushersoldlady The Queen and her prey

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2021.09.17 00:50 Aggravating-Boss7051 Session 2 classes

Is anybody aware of any interesting session two courses coming up this October? Especially science classes
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2021.09.17 00:50 PriorToBeing Karmic bonds and spiritual connections; how to discern? Know thy Self

Karmic bonds are simply all bonds when you are identified with thoughts, emotions, sensations, perceptions and experiences. Spiritual connections are all connections when you arebnot identified with anything and are aware of being aware, when you are consciously being the infinite ever-presence spirit.
As long as you are identified, you see nothing as it is. When you are without identification you see all as it is misperception becomes accurate perception which is unbiased (the perception of the unconditioned God-Self) by abiding as the infinite spirit by being aware of being aware and realising there is only awareness rather than identifying with whatever comes and goes which creates the hallucination of being a personal identity and not the impersonal God Self.
When you abide as your true infinite Buddha nature you see how utterly unconsciously the experience was unfolding under the delusion of being a personal identity, it is like waking up from a dream: Now you are lucid dreaming. This Is a dream. The infinite spirit is taking the shape of it. The infinite spirit is consciousness, an infinitely intelligent awareness which modulates itself to appear as the universe just like when you go to sleep your mind takes the shapeof a universe, and you can touch, feel, smell; but it is nothing but your mind taking the shape of these senses.
In truth there is nothing to the whole universe but your mind. All dreams are dreamt by the infinite awareness, so it is not your personal mind which is dreaming as there is no personal mind. There is only infinite awareness. There is no difference between sleeping dream and waking dream Both are only the infinite spirit taking on the appearance of different shapes and names.
You are that infinite dreaming being aware spirit awareness which is the source of all appearances and therefore universes and dimensions as all universes and dimensions are nothing but appearances dreamt by God/infinite awareness.
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2021.09.17 00:50 humble_pir Contract negotiation debacle - inviting feedback for salvaging a relationship and moving forward

Hey folks,
A former manager and C-level exec at a large public company asked me to help his executive team move forward on a project. I am the outside expert providing guidance to an internal team. I trust this person to the ends of the earth, and it's mutual.
In good faith, because he was so eager to make progress, we negotiated a rate and a project scope and I jumped in. Two months in, I got a contract from the legal team, and it's an unbelievable disaster. It's incoherent, inconsistent, contradictory in parts, unenforceable in parts, and heavily punitive toward me. It reads like it was literally cut and pasted from about 25 different contracts for completely unrelated project types. The Legal team won't allow me to offer my standard contract as a starting point (that they could edit to their heart's content), and they seem incapable of responding to my feedback.
I've now submitted my first invoice, and the system won't allow me to be paid until a contract is approved. I have almost no confidence in getting to a good place with the new contract. It's time for me to either escalate to my former manager or cut bait. (BTW, my ex-manager is not overseeing my work; he is just sponsoring the project). It's hard for me to cut bait because I want to do right by this manager. And escalating to him should be seen as a fail.
My plan is to give the legal team one more chance, then let him know what's going on if we don't have a resolution by mid-week next week. Obviously, a giant lesson was learned. I mean, this is the stuff people should write warning blogs about. But if you have any advice for approaching the situation with my ex-manager, or even navigating the legal team, I'm all ears.
BTW, I had my own attorney review the contract, and he threw up his hands in disbelief. It is truly an incomprehensible mess.
Second and somewhat tongue-in-cheeck question: how do you kill the "show goodwill, do right by others" part of yourself that makes you a good consultant in the first place, but ultimately leads you to situations like this, even with highly trusted contacts?
Thanks for feedback. Similar horror stories also welcome, for commiseration purposes.
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2021.09.17 00:50 nihilisttrash I want to study in a Japanese University

I'm Mexican. I'm a senior in a High School that offers a technical career, when I graduate I'll have my diploma and a technician degree, I've never had to work hard or study for my grades, I average 89% or an A in Japan. So, I've been looking for scholarships to go Study in Japan but I've only come across the MEXT scholarship or Monbukagakusho and as of 2016 only 3 people have received it and that's pretty ambitious, even for me. My top Universities are Osaka, Kyushu, Kyoto, Nagoya and Tohoku, are there other scholarships to get into those? And, is it possible for me if I actually work hard?(please bust me out of my bubble if I'm being too pretentious, I'm only speaking on my personal experience)
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2021.09.17 00:50 EB171215 Drippy eyes

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2021.09.17 00:50 ABlueHatchback Been seeing quite a few libertads being posted lately. Just got mine today and figured I’d join the party 😁

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2021.09.17 00:50 darkgoat16 Never forget

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2021.09.17 00:50 okyeahimgood https

https://discord.gg/tiktokhub amazing discord for beautiful d tiktok girls
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2021.09.17 00:50 catinthecupboard Basic Toolcraft in Modern Times (Thou Shalt Not Overspend)

Hello all! My name is Lacie, I am 31, and I live on the western side of Canada. My family’s craft goes back generations and I am lucky that some of my earliest memories are being taught witchery by my mother. I consider myself a witch, with a somewhat pagan lilt, that explores the occult. I do both ritual work and include the craft in my day to day life. In an effort to respond to the mod’s desires to bring some meatier content to this sub I offered to share what wisdom I’ve been gifted over the years. Thank you to u/ghost5783 for organizing this!
In recent months (years really) as social media has converted our world I have noticed a growing community of witches concerned with what they think are the tools you NEED to have to be a proper witch. Influencer culture is everywhere and we witches are not immune to it. Every corner of the web has someone slinging crystals and bats, showing the world what and who witches are. To a degree, I love it. It’s a joy to see how big and unique our community is! But I also see that it’s causing some pain. Social media is both a builder of communities and a shame generator. FOMO is real, the need to do things ‘right’ is real, and in a community like ours where we often are made up of people who already feel othered by the world at times, not being able to match what we see presented as ‘right’ can be really disheartening.
What I want to talk about is this: how being a practicing witch does not require you to spend a bunch of money on a bunch of neat things. You don’t NEED what your favourite WitchToker uses to be a real, valid, 100% authentic witch. You, exactly as you are right now, have the tools you need. You ARE the tool. Everything else is just gravy.
You Are the Tool
The greatest tool you can have in your arsenal as a witch is yourself. All magick starts with you. You are the vessel, you are the grounding rod, you are the wand, and you are the harnesser of power. It’s you! What is a wand without its caster? An object. But in your hands it becomes powerful because you will it to be.
Witchcraft is an old and varied custom; a practice of wisdom and action that transcends the ages and differs in every community. Witches who existed hundreds of years before us practiced just fine without the shiny baubles we see dotting altars today. Certainly, I’m sure that whenever they could they enhanced their practice with what they had available, but at the most basic of it all is the witch themselves.
I have cast circles with nothing but space and my arm. Your hands, your breath, your voice, and your movement are all tools you can use in your practice.
If there are things I believe every witch should have (not for authenticity, but for beneficial learning), they are less physical objects, and more ethereal lessons. Learn how to ground yourself, learn how to cleanse (your space, yourself, and your tools), and learn how to center your energy and how to channel it with intention into your practice. Those are the tools you should consider.
Cheap Tool Replacements
But… I’m no fool. Nary a witch has crossed these grounds without a taste for accessories. Plus, sometimes tools just make things easier. They give substance, something to hold onto. So what to obtain when money is scarce? Or better yet, when occult shops are unavailable? You get creative! I’ve placed some suggestions below, but I want to make a quick note that applies to everything you bring into your craft: treat the most basic of tools with the care you would a sacred artifact. Give whatever you use the intention and energy you would the fancy new chalice you bought.
Don’t be afraid to visit the dollar store, a thrift shop, WalMart (or whatever discount stores exist in your area). The dollar store craft section has supplied more tiny bottles for spellwork to me than I can count, and usually for $2 or less.
The cheapest you can find, to start. Nice candles are expensive. I had no idea! My mother bought all her candles for my entire life at the dollar store. Imagine my shock when I went to buy candles at a candle shop. Yes, good candles burn better and are nicer, but cheap candles do the job fine. Let me give you permission now to shamelessly buy everything cheap. A $1 candle is just as magickally potent as a $10 one.
Birthday cake candles come in many colors, are found in most grocery stores, and are a particular delight for spells where you want the candle to burn down completely but don’t have the time to watch a taper for hours. Tealight candles. The air freshener section often has candles. Does it smell like crisp laundry? Awesome. Your spellwork just got fresh.
What if you can’t burn candles where you are? Electric candles and candle apps on your mobile device are both fine options. If you want a candle to burn down all the way, they’re not going to get it done. But a candle on your altar, or blowing out a candle with your intention focused on it, those are things that can be handled by a substitute.
In a pinch? A SERIOUS pinch? Youtube has plenty of videos on Emergency Candles. But please be careful if you’re crafting an emergency candle. Safety first!
Safety first for candles in general, friends! Please don't leave them unattended.
Instead of shelling out for a new quartz, take a walk. Yes, the crystals and minerals in popular witch culture are beautiful, powerful, and meaningful tools, but you can also find beautiful alternatives in nature around you. Keep an eye out for unique stones you see out and about. See what you feel drawn to! Think about the energy built into a perfectly smooth river rock, polished by the rushing water. Join your local geology or lapidary group! Learn what’s native and where to find it. Milky quartz is commonly used in landscaping where I live. So is volcanic rock. Give some of your newly found rocks a little TLC by hand polishing or oiling them (see youtube for guides). Be careful of minerals that should not be wet. Try and identify what you have first before cleaning and treating them. Again, safety first.
Find a stick that calls to you. Use it as is or embellish it. You can carve wood down to shape, make something from clay or salt dough, use resin, wire wrap, braided weeping willow branches, metal rod, create a core of scrunched aluminum foil wrapped in tape. Decorate it with leaves, dried out moss, dropped feathers, stones; paint it, glitter it, glue gems to it, add beads. The limit is your imagination and resources. There’s nothing wrong with simple either. It’s not disrespectful to work within your means.
I do not suggest cutting a length of wood off a tree. I believe witchcraft should follow the same ‘leave no trace’ etiquette as camping does. If you must, please give the tree some of your time, ask politely, and let the tree guide you to a branch it doesn’t mind gifting you. I have found my wood by walking in nature (or sometimes suburbia), and by keeping my eye out for wood given away after required pruning. Smaller branches for wands, and larger lengths for staffs.
For most of my early years I kept a paring knife as part of my altar tools. It’s what I had. It was designated as my athame and when I took it on as a tool I cleansed and blessed it the same way I would anything for magickal use. I made it special energetically. Traditionally athames were often black handled, but traditions have changed and I see plenty of athames today that are just fancy daggers. People make them out of a variety of materials these days and I think you could use several of the options in the wand section to make your own. Or, use your arm to cut through the veil.
Thrift stores are a great place to scour for fancy things at a fraction of the cost. The traditional chalice shape is that of a goblet, and a simple way to match that is a wine glass. You can spruce it up by painting it or adding gems, wire wrapping, etc. OR you can also choose a drinking vessel that feels important to you. Perhaps your altar is light, airy, and floral. A fancy teacup could bring some joy and feel more personal! If all that you have is a standard drinking glass, but you feel you badly need a chalice in your practice? That’s your chalice. Make it so.
Book of Shadows
A friend of mine’s book of shadows is a bunch of loose leaf lined paper in a binder. It’s incredibly convenient for her to update things, remove them, and rearrange sections. Suggestions: loose paper in a binder or stapled together, any notebook big or small, your computer or mobile device.
Altar Décor
Your altar is entirely personal to you and your craft, IF you choose to have one! I see people with elaborate, detailed altars with multiple parts and sections, covered to the gills. I see people with just one thing, or nothing on their altar. Small portable altars in mint tins are portable and great for the witch who doesn’t have the physical space, or a safe space to work. Some practitioners have their altars entirely in their meditative space accessible through the mind. Altar cloths, statues, photos, glitter, goth, dark, light… it’s all personal and relative to who you are and how you practice. My suggestions for your altar is whatever is powerful and meaningful to you and your practice. On my altar there is one of those fuzzy ball seeds dropped from trees. I like it because it feels weird when I touch it. So I put it on my altar because it represents earth to me, and I think it’s neat. That’s how you should build your altar. With things that feel special, no matter the cost.
Smoke cleansing can be done with your favourite incense. Look up plants native to your area, and see what’s available that would be safe to use. Or, raid the grocery section for some rosemary. Many common herbs have uses for more than a good dinner. Instead of a singing bowl, play music, an instrument or sing yourself. Your energy and your words are powerful. Speak out your intention. I’ve often cleansed and readied tools with my breath. Use the sun, or the moon, and let the item sit beneath their light for a few hours.
On Moon Water
Mason jars and special bottles are nice, but ye old favourite container works too. Mug O’ Moon Water just lacks a certain glamour in advertising. This theme can go for quite a bit of things.
What would I buy?
Salt. If I had nothing else and there was one thing I would purchase, without hesitation, it would be salt. Salt is important. It’s a building block of life. It’s been a valuable commodity through the ages. As a spiritual sanctifier salt is incredibly important and can be used in a multitude of ways. Use it dry to mark off an area of protection. Mix with water to create a cleansing water you can splash everywhere. Mix ash or dried herbs for extra potency. And for the love of ANY deity you believe in, salt your damn potato water. Listen, good mash comes from properly salted water when boiling. Weird salty. Ocean salty. It’s going to seem like this is a mistake when you pour it in salty. That goes for pasta too.
What if I’ve bought all the TikTok things?
Then use them with pride! Enjoy them. Cherish them. This is certainly not to shame anyone who has fancy stuff. I have fancy stuff! I love my fancy stuff. But I don’t want people to feel like they’re ‘less than’ a ‘real witch’ without those things. That’s all. Everyone has to start somewhere, and sometimes somewhere is in the craft aisle of the Dollar General. Send me a pic of your altar, I get jazzed about stuff like that. You got any of those seed pods?
TL;DR (Final thoughts.)
It’s not disrespectful to work within your means. It’s not less magickal because it looks less magickal. The magick is not formed in the aesthetic. You’re not less than or doing a worse job at witchcraft if you don’t have the glitzy tools. You can always upgrade if you wish. But what you’re doing right now, is fine. It’s fine for now, and fine forever. Salt your pasta water.
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2021.09.17 00:50 TradingToilets4Shoes Species ID please!

Sold to me as Female Emperor Scorpion. Saw her babies in the shop so she's female for sure. Also, not able to be seen in the pic but she has hairs on the pedipalps/claws. She was $100 but I got her for $80.
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2021.09.17 00:50 Key_Ad8113 Oh mommy's sick? Let me take care of you mommy ! I make migraine go bye bye

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2021.09.17 00:50 Marvkid27 Dallas County Reports Total of 1,519 New Positive 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases and 21 Deaths, Including 468 Probable Cases

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2021.09.17 00:50 Arc_Fives_5555 Does anyone know what loadouts work really well for master gatekeeper challenge?

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2021.09.17 00:50 flavourouslotus Am I wrong?

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2021.09.17 00:50 HeyaBitches Messed up rye bread help

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2021.09.17 00:50 krakenrabiess Anyone else have zero issue with relationships but struggle with friendships?

In healthy relationships I am at my peak. I feel safe. Emotions under control. No spiraling. But friendships? Ohmygod. You can't even ignore my message for a day or I'm spiraling. And that's if I have one friend let alone multiple it's like keeping track on multiple people just drains me dry. And if we aren't best friends then we aren't friends. I struggle so much with that.
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