Bad mileage coupled with P0420 after replacing MAF sensor and PCV valve

2022.01.17 01:58 UsualAnt7 Bad mileage coupled with P0420 after replacing MAF sensor and PCV valve

I've got a couple problems with my 2011 Nissan Rogue. I've had a P0101 going for far too long, and I've had spectacularly bad mileage for about half a year (~400 km on a 61 litre tank). So yesterday I replaced the MAF sensor and engine air filter. I also replaced the PCV valve as I heard an intermittent whistling sound and thought it couldn't hurt.
I reset the OBD system, and today I'm getting a P0420 in addition to the original P0101 that I was getting before replacing the MAF sensor. Any idea what's causing the new code and bad gas mileage?
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2022.01.17 01:58 fuckmethrowacc make me masturbate

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2022.01.17 01:58 MalG3 I just started acrylic painting last month. Here are 3 I’ve completed so far.

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2022.01.17 01:58 BasedAndOmnipilled Anyone have the full Dylan Burns vs Infrared VOD?

I was watching the twitch VOD from this channel and it seemed to have gotten deleted as I was watching it, does anyone have another link to the full thing?
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2022.01.17 01:58 cutiepiedaily l

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2022.01.17 01:58 Himanshu8386 Love India, Live India Shop Today, and Save upto 20% Here

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2022.01.17 01:58 DerTom77 My cat had 6 kittens!

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2022.01.17 01:58 ItoXICI [Round 105720] What are my coordinates within 80m

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2022.01.17 01:58 tiggerclaw "Morita Dojo" by unknown

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2022.01.17 01:58 ShawtyWithNoBody I made $80 tonight

Me and my 12 year old cousin babysitted my 8 year old cousin tonight while all 6 of your parents went to the Chiefs game. It was fun, we walked to a coffee shop, ordered some pizza, we got him to snowboard a bit in the yard (he started learning) and I taught both of them how to play dungeons and dragons (obviously the 8 year old had issues playing, but). It was pretty fun. And I got paid.
Great night!
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2022.01.17 01:58 bvizoli Managing BG at night in College

Hi, I’m a 17 years old boy in my senior year of high school and I have an Omnipod and Dexcom. I have applied and gotten into several colleges that I’d be more than happy to attend. All of which are more than 1 hour away from home so that means that I’ll have to live on campus. I currently take great control over my blood sugars during the day but at night I struggle to wake up to my Dexcom alarms so my parents help me with that at night. I’m super excited to go to college but I’m also super anxious because my parents won’t be there and I don't know how I'm going to be able to manage my blood sugars at night. Does anyone have any tips for me on how to wake up in the middle of the night to treat lows or highs?
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2022.01.17 01:58 KatarinaDuCouteauwu If you could have me for 1 night, what would you do to me?🔥🔥

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2022.01.17 01:58 Fireboy759 FT: Shiny Lugia and Shiny Xarneas in Beast Balls, Shiny Mewtwo, Event Genesect, Other Event Mons and Shinies LF: Pokeball Magearna, Shiny Arceus, Legit Shiny Ultra-Beasts or Legendaries

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2022.01.17 01:58 thicc_astronaut Yo, is coffee actually good?

I've never really had more than a sip, but lately I've not been getting the sleep I need and have been waking up late and being really groggy, so maybe I should start? Just to get a little energy in my day
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2022.01.17 01:58 AddressMediocre1558 no title

i (f14) think im a pathological liar , but ive only ever been diagnosed with anxiety at 12. i think i have anti social personality disorder but i also dont think im a sociopath , i want to talk to my therapist about this but im also afraid she will judge me. i am a very closed off & lonely person. i guess this is by choice i never really go out & i only have 1 friend , but also my fault im very awkward in person & cant make coversation well .i recently dropped my other 2 friends i had cause i realized i lied about things that were never really important for no reason & felt guilty. its to a point where i immediately think of lies when im talking to someone without thinking about it (?) if that makes sense. its like an immediate reaction , ive lied about suicide to my only friend , i later apologized out of guilt & she forgave me which im very thankful for . i guess im scared to talk to someone about it cause i dont want my family to find out , i never lie to them about small things for some reason i only do it to my friends , but i also want to get help for it if thats even possible . i was researching and when pathological liars are lonely they tend to lie about small things to make themselves look more interesting i guess , and thats how i feel. im scared to tell someone though cause what if its not as big of a problem as i think it is
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2022.01.17 01:58 Candypopboptop [Artist for hire] doing commissions!

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2022.01.17 01:58 ColdSteelKolton Made an edit of some amazing Aubrey art

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2022.01.17 01:58 Strict_Ad_8872 I miss home ...

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2022.01.17 01:58 riskfactor88 Morrigan

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2022.01.17 01:58 cutemermaidaqua I’m still so emotionally attached to my last year teacher.

I had a English teacher last year… who has been the only one in my life who has ever talked to me just to talk. She has been so supportive and I got to a point I trusted her a lot… I texted her and told her about my social anxiety/shyness, she was so supportive and offered to go to the school counselor with me.
Unfortunately the school ended and she left the school before she had the chance to go with me. But because of her I reached out went to the school counselor several times and now I’m in therapy/counseling and have had 4 sessions so far.
And I’m still SUPER emotionally attached to her like WAY TOO much I text and call her often. Just texted her for about an hour and she’s amazing and so supportive. I think about her almost every single day and imagine and make up scenarios like seeing her in the store or something. I miss her so much. 😭😭
And I feel so weird for it. I also re read the messages a lot and even take screenshots of nice things she says and have a whole secret folder in my camera role of them.
Btw please don’t say it’s weird I have her phone number. She knew I was the only one I had to tell her all of this and ask for advice so she gave me her phone number for whenever I needed to talk to ask for more advice.
Why does this happen? Am I weird? Does anyone else also feel like this? I’ve been emotionally to her attached since last January… even when I had her as a teacher.
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2022.01.17 01:58 NoSwordfish5269 how do players keep momentum when building and editing?

i just got back into the game, and i’m trying to learn tunneling, piece control, quad editing, and just trying to improve my mechs. One thing i noticed is that i can never keep momentum, just going straight. I’m always slightly strafing to the right or left. This might seem like a silly question, but does your arm have to move insanely fast to edit fast too, i never really moved my arms ridiculously fast and i think that is what holds me back. Also my binds as i have Wall= Q Stair =E Edit=F
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2022.01.17 01:58 SHC3OFFICIAL What is meant by the term "the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end" ?

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2022.01.17 01:58 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - ‘Not knowing is heartbreaking’: sleepless nights among Tongan diaspora after contact with country cut off | Guardian

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2022.01.17 01:58 SnackSize_ What is happening to the wild horses and burros of Utah?

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2022.01.17 01:58 BadPanic Creators of numerous visuals for marvel have created an NFT. 100k discord members in 2 days….check it out—

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